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Why am I so stressed out?

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Akashic Records, Articles, Recent Posts | 0 comments

My growing “to-do” list has delivered me to a new level of self-awareness: the importance of aligning with my inner authority.

Deeply stressed about meeting goals, accomplishing tasks, honoring commitments to myself and others — I needed to make an adjustment. And so I took my dilemma into my Akashic Records, using the Pathway Prayer Process©. Probing the sacred realm of the Akasha to uncover the source of the problem, I discovered an answer to questions so potent I could feel them in my bones. “Why am I so stressed? What is keeping me stuck? How can I be both peaceful and productive?”

Upon reflection, I was guided to see where my trust and reliance were resting. I found that I was leaning into my mortal, fallible, human self — and wearing myself down in the process! While in my Records, I saw an opportunity to shift my reliance to the infinite, inner, immortal life force.

As I shifted my reliance from external to internal energy, really leaning into the eternal within, relief took hold and I was able to relax. By redirecting my focus from outer self to inner divine, I felt a surge of energy rush through me, leaving me empowered to meet any situation.

Try it! Where are you placing your reliance? On your wonderful – but limited – human self? Or on the infinite life force within? Lean in to the inner divine, align with this greater authority — and access your aliveness!