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Akashic Studies: Appropriate Expectations

Here is some guidance from Dr. Howe regarding appropriate expectations for your work in the Akashic Records:

Psychic ability is not required for fulfilling engagement in the Akashic field. The Akashic Field is a realm of Light and, as such, does not demand our prayers, worship, or adoration. This impeccably pure realm supports us in recognizing and accepting the truth about ourselves, our lives, and our fundamental goodness in all situations.

  • No angels, no spirit guides, because they have individual identities and exist outside the Akashic Field.
  • Human lifetimes are the focus of the Records, not extra-terrestrial or animal.
  • No trance channeling. No entities.
  • Practitioner is conscious. And “the boss” when working in the Records.
  • No Akashic language, animals, songs, or names.

Issues we do not address:

Extra-planetary lives, moving from animal to human form, speaking to the dead, predicting the future. The reason is that the Akashic Record does not address these issues – and there are other, much better resources for these types of services.

Keep in mind:

This is a form of spiritual counseling; offering insight, guidance, and wisdom rooted in unconditional love for our support and development.

  • Energy first, information second. While the information gleaned from the Records is significant, the energy or emotional sense or sentiment of the communication is especially important.
  • It is essential for the Practitioner to DESCRIBE their experience of being in the Records.
  • What is happening or not happening? Most effective is to describe out loud, next is writing/journaling, next is thinking.
  • When accessing the Records, 5% of people hear, 10% see, and 85% have a sense of knowing.

Please Note: Speaking and Teaching, International Presence, Readings, Classes, and Certified Teachers presented by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies are not represented as any form of medical, behavioral, or mental health care. By law, no claims of health benefits are made for said services.