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Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records

Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records

“Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary” by Dr. Linda Howe (Hay House)

2016 Winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Contemporary Spirituality Book

Placed first in both categories: People’s Choice and Retailers’ Choice

Do you have an inner knowing that there is more to life? Would you like to identify your soul’s true path? Are you compelled by a desire to contribute more meaningfully in the world? In this remarkable book, Dr. Linda Howe reveals how to effectively make the shift from ordinary to ExtraOrdinary living—suffused with purpose, aliveness, and light—through the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records can be understood as the “Cosmic Chronicles of You”: an energetic archive, or dimension of consciousness, that tells the story of your soul’s journey through space and time as a human being. By learning to access this dimension, you will gain insight into your earthly experience and discover how to transform your life into one that radiates light and magnetizes good.

In these pages, enter the inspirational, fascinating realm of the Akasha with Linda as she shares her very accessible and student-tested processes designed to facilitate your awakening to your true identity and soul’s destiny. Explore the essential consciousness concepts of the Records, excavate the obstructing beliefs on your path, and learn how to realign to your soul’s highest purposes.

Meditations, or Akashic Reflections, guide you every step of the way.

Application of Linda’s teachings will make a critical difference in your life right here, right now. An ExtraOrdinary life is within your reach! What are you waiting for?

Amazon Review by Fiona – “This would have to be the best spiritual/new age book I have ever read. After my first journey to read my Akashic Records, I felt at peace with some of my life choices and understood why I had repeatedly made them. The exercises are easy yet you get immediate results.”

Amazon Review by Aaron H. – “Simply an amazing book. A wonderful set of tools to move you on to your next levels and evolution as a soul in the physical realm. So many books talk about being a spiritual being while completely forgetting that we are in a world and need to move and operate in the world. This reconciles that break.

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