Whether this is your first time to my website or you are a regular visitor, thanks for stopping by! You are being led to discover how you can Bring Your Soul’s Purposes to Life, and I am here to assist you on your quest. Look around to learn who I am as a teacher, personal spiritual guide, and author. Find out how you can be empowered, whether through Online Certification Classes, Akashic Readings, Coaching Sessions, or Books/CDs. This is a significant lifetime, and the spiritual illumination and inspiration you seek are here, waiting for you! Welcome!

Love, Linda

"I am a newcomer to the study of Akashic Records, and my first course with Linda has been life altering. With her expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that is both new and familiar, discovering my soul’s purposes and learning my destiny in its true sense. Linda is incomparable in her knowledge and her teachings have awakened me. This is the lifetime for me to manifest my true purposes and I am filled with light and gratitude. In many ways, I feel I have come home."
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~Wendy M.