Bring your soul's purposes to life

Bring your soul's purposes to life

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Know your own soul

A spiritual approach to life can be incredibly helpful. Inspiring, insightful, compassionate wisdom is available through the Akashic Records to apply to your life for the positive transformation you deserve.

Enjoy a more conscious connection with your own soul. Let us help you on your journey with the highest quality training on the planet. Welcome.

I am here — as a teacher, spiritual guide, and author — to assist you on your quest. For the past 30 years, I have been working in the dimension of consciousness known as the Akashic Records, an archive of our Souls’ past, present, and future possibilities.

I hope that you will find ways to be empowered through my On-Demand Certification Classes and my Books/CDs.

Enjoy the free resources on this site, like my revolutionary Pathway Prayer Process© to Access the Heart of the Records.

This is a significant lifetime, and the spiritual illumination and inspiration you seek are here, waiting for you!  Welcome!




Touching Hearts and Souls…

Touching Hearts and Souls…

A Message from Linda:

I know that your spiritual journey involves many decisions. With a world of modalities and programs available to seekers, the act of making a choice on where to focus our energies can be tricky. Some of us intuitively know which steps to take and we jump right into the deep water, and others prefer to do their research and carefully examine their options.

One way to discern the next steps is to hear from others who have come before you. Here, we have included several recent comments by my beloved students so you can gain some insights into my work.

If technology permitted, my preferred way of showing you “testimonials” would be to have an actual mirror on this page of the site.  You are the one who knows you, your inner most needs, desires, and truths.  You are the one who determines your next appropriate step on the journey.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give you a moment to reflect on who you are, your spiritual quest, and the fit of the work you entertain?

This is that opportunity.  Take this moment and turn your thoughts inward.  Consider yourself, a unique blend of human and spiritual, consciously seeking support on your journey.  Now, as you scroll through this website, keep yourself in mind/heart.  You are the one who knows you best, you are the one being prompted by your own soul.

Be quiet and listen.  More is being revealed at this very moment.  I know that you will know what’s best for you and honor your truth with the right action.  If my work can assist and empower your growth and transformation, wonderful.  If not, thanks for being honest and sincere in your examination.

And now, with each one of us actively honoring our personal truth, we proceed.  This is the consciousness that improves the quality of life for us and everyone we know.

“Found inner truth about freedom. Dr. Howe’s course helps me reach a higher level of self-awareness. It’s amazing how much more I learn about myself and human nature. This knowledge empowers me to make positive changes.”

-Diana T.


“I’m always amazed. Linda is one of very few Mentors that I feel comfortable with. She is patient and kind and very open with her knowledge. She makes me feel inclusive and considered in her approach and technique that is human and exciting and funny…. She is a compassionate and supportive human.”

-Nanci B.


“Powerful Class, Powerful Results. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and taking classes from Linda Howe since 2010, and my admiration and respect for her hasn’t waned. In fact, as I watch her fulfilling her own soul’s purposes, I feel more inspired to do the same, being given the tools to figure out the “how”. THAT is what a good teacher does for her students.”

-Maria B.


“Fantastic class! Linda Howe is the best spiritual teacher I’ve had. The work that she does is full of light and love. I feel very safe and know I’ll learn as much as I possibly can under her guidance.”

-Edna R.


“5 Stars. Linda is an outstanding teacher in the Akashic field, she makes all the information really easy to understand, and really cares about her students.”

-Sophie K.

Learn and Grow…

Learn and Grow…