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Upcoming with Linda

Potential to Manifest: New Year’s Meditation Special Event
Infuse your new year with inspiration. Join Dr. Linda Howe for this FREE one hour experience. And find out what’s possible for your through the Akashic Records in 2022.
Ancestral Healing Summit by The Shift Network
Break the cycle of generational trauma to ground yourself in Power, Purpose & Inner Peace.
Teacher Training Coming for a Limited Time Spring 2022
Registration for Akashic Records Teacher Training will be live for a short time in Spring 2022. Sign up to be among the first to know when it opens. Completion of all Certification Classes is required prior to registration.

Akashic Experiences

Prosperity, Abundance and Money: Akashic Approach to Your Success
Ignite your ability to manifest – to bring your Soul’s Purposes to life based on inspired choices and actions. Discover simple conditions enabling you to flourish in this lifetime.
How to Read Your Own Akashic Records
Learn how to read the Akashic Records for yourself. The Records (aka The Book of Life) have served humanity throughout our unfolding by being an extraordinary state through which we can receive Soul-level illumination at a manageable rate, and integrate it into our everyday human experience.
Past Lives
Discover the path of freedom from unbudgeable behaviors and ignite your appreciation for who you have been in the past, are today and are becoming.
Akashic Perspective on Transformation: Clearing Karma
The Akashic perspective on karma, freedom and your Soul’s journey as human sheds liberating light on the unlimited possibilities for you. All available with insight into some simple shifts in your point of view, resulting in immense freedom to self express and enjoy your wonderful journey.
Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns
Learn how you can be permanently free from stubborn ways of behaving with shared family members. Find freedom from the limitations and embrace the possibilities inherent in every family group!  

On-Demand Certification Classes

Akashic Records Practitioner + Advanced Practitioner Dual Certification
Get certified to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others with the time-tested Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records.©
Healing Through the Akashic Records Certification
Rise above and thrive as never before! Find an infinite source of love and healing through the Akashic Records through this Certification Class.
Discover Your Soul’s Path Certification
Experience, express, and enjoy who you are and the life you are living! Connect with your Soul’s Path – tapping into what brings you joy and how you can share your unique gifts to make the world a better place.
Manifesting Your Soul’s Purposes Certification
Identify the unique, individual ways you experience and express love in this life. Engaging your Soul’s Purposes is the super-highway to the fulfillment you desire and deserve.