Bring your soul's purposes to life


The Heart of the Akashic Records Revealed

The Heart of the Akashic Records Revealed

Live your most authentic life by accessing the heart of your Akashic Records

Are you ready to access infinite wisdom, aliveness and love? This deep dive into the Akashic Realm offers all you need to bring your Soul’s Purposes to life. Using the time-tested Pathway Prayer Process© discover the most direct path to access Soul-level wisdom applicable to any life situation – consistently and reliably. Dr. Howe’s fifth book arises from 25+ years of direct teaching experience with students worldwide. Join the movement: Ignite your Light today.   

Whether you are new to the Akashic Records or a seasoned practitioner, the practical guidance within these pages will activate your relationship with the Akasha to:

  • Apply spiritual insight, guidance and wisdom to improve the quality of your life
  • Understand and live your Soul’s Purposes
  • Experience freedom from limiting patterns that cause pain and suffering
  • Tap into the radical power of unconditional self-love
  • Discover authentic balance using the Inner Triangle: Heart, Mind and Will
  • Move toward the fulfillment of your Destiny
  • Live your ordinary life from an extraordinary perspective

Some Comments from Readers….

What a wonderful addition to Linda Howe’s essential collection of books helping her readers finding their way in life via the Akashic records. This much-needed book helps one apply spiritual insight to improve their life journey utilizing the Akashic Records. And will help the reader understand and live their souls true purpose. While enjoying freedom from limiting patterns. This book will help the reader move towards exquisite fulfillment of their destiny. – Marc

I am most excited about the numerous Empowerment Exercises that invite the reader to personally experience the infinite love and compassion of the Akashic Records while moving into a deeper relationship with their Soul. Easy to read, engaging, and inspiring, I am confident this book will be my go-to whenever I need to review a concept, refresh my understanding of the work, or feel drawn to an Empowerment Exercise to fuel my explorations in the Records.  – Amy

Whether you’re new to the Records or have been at this for a good while, you will find rich and satisfying material to delve into, along with a book that flows nicely and is a delight to read. It’s filled with meditations that you can use over and over again. Those guided forays into the Records help us address day to day practical matters at hand, as well as deeper spiritual understanding that affects us individually and collectively. This latest addition to the treasure trove of books by Dr. Howe will serve as a lasting legacy for endless possibilities of release and transformation. Take your time with this one and savor the steps. – Maria

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