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The Uplift of Gratitude

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Articles, Blog, COVID, Recent Posts, Soul Work | 0 comments

Here we are on Monday (the best day of the week, I always say) in circumstances few of us thought we’d ever be in. Stories of too few test kits, cramped screening lines at airports, and other news items make it clear we’d better not wait to be rescued! Instead, let’s get grateful, a time-honored spiritual solution to help us deal with planetary problems.

Gratitude is a choice, an act of will. Once we make the decision to be grateful no matter what, we place ourselves in a position to receive all the good that could possibly come from a situation. Even when we are toe-to-toe with disaster and dismay. For today, won’t you join me in searching out valid reasons to be grateful? And, we must be honest! The Universe can always detect bs!

So, while I am not grateful for the COVID-19 crisis, I appreciate the public servants and medical professionals who are doing their best to look out for you and me. I am deeply thankful for the gift of physical health and well-being. And a well-stocked bathroom! How about you? I suggest that you focus on today. If this is too much, concentrate on just the hour ahead.

Let’s start a group gratitude list with our comments on this post. In sharing our stories, we open our hearts to receiving the balm of community. We have the opportunity to realize that we are already connected, we are one, and we are (no exceptions!) good. That no illness, no enforced isolation, no fears, no confusion, and no lack of familiar comforts can change this reassuring reality.

I hope you can join me at this page tomorrow, 3/17 at 1 pm Central, for a new Facebook Live with Linda: “Shining Akashic Light on the Moment.” Bring your questions and your stories and your worries and we’ll all be together. Much love and peace to you.