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The Opportunity Before Us

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog, COVID, Recent Posts | 0 comments

As Lightworkers, we are here to seek and find the Light. What could that mean at a time like this?

After reading about the signs of COVID-19, I started down that slippery slope of searching out the beginnings of this virus in my body. A few minutes of tense investigation clarified my questions, No, I don’t have any signs of sickness…am perfectly healthy, actually. So, best get outside while I can! 

Out walking, I passed a neighbor and found myself wondering if they were carrying the virus…and in the same slice of time, they moved away from me…it dawned on me that they were probably thinking the exact same thing about me! Not my finest moment as a Lightworker, as my reaction was based on suspicion and fear, instead of respect for self, others, and the situation the virus has placed us in.

Since I’m so focused on my health, and every tickle of my throat, why not redirect my thinking to health instead of sickness? The mind LOVES evidence. Today, my “seek and find” mission is for health. For today, my health is certainly good enough to live my life the way it’s presenting, and that’s a wonderful thing. How about you?

I thought I’d begin my mission while walking my dog, Chadwick. A 65-pound bundle of energy and enthusiasm every waking moment!

Then I noticed the river moving along. Perfect, no. But full of life. Continuing on, I saw the snow falling…buds on trees suddenly covered in a blur of snow are a remarkable expression of the transition we are in. So are the bulbs in the gardens peeking out of the cold ground. Life takes millions of forms, all glorious!

As we view the infinite variety of expressions through a spiritual lens, evidence of the irrepressible pulse of life surrounds us. Our awareness determines our experience. Witnessing nature’s display, I am reminded of life’s unconditional love and generosity.  

All kinds of people are out and about, appreciating the natural world, doing their best version of social distancing. Waving across the street, in recognition of our connection. The connection we already share, today and always. We simply need to remember this.

Returning home, I called two folks dear to me. It’s the perfect time to reach out, however you can, and connect with someone else. Today, in the middle of this global emergency, I am grateful for you, for social media, and for being alive in 2020.