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Let’s Be the Solution

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Articles, Blog, COVID, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

Over the years, we’ve all developed tools — like meditation, spiritual studies, and daily exercise — to help us deal with the challenges of everyday life. But as we all know, ordinary life ended weeks ago. The breaking news reports, the quarantine, and the updated statistics left me numb. I’m very familiar with many spiritual strategies, so in the face of this increasing stress, I took my dilemma to the most reliable spiritual resource I’ve ever met: the Akashic Records, accessed by the Pathway Prayer Process©.

Probing this soul-level realm, I asked questions so potent I could feel them in my bones: “What is keeping me caught in this painful cycle? How can I be peaceful in the midst of this storm? How in the name of Heaven can I be useful to others?” And then, I was guided to see where my trust and reliance were resting. Ah, I found that I was leaning into my mortal, fallible, human self-–and wearing myself down in the process.

Over the years, I’ve surrendered to the Divine in many ways and in many areas of life. But now, in this tumultuous time, I had fallen back on my oldest of all possible patterns, extreme self-reliance. No wonder I was so stressed! My finite self is just no match for the scope of the crisis at hand. As I consciously shifted my reliance, really leaning into the eternal within, relief swept through me.

The opportunity before us is simple but not easy. Lean into the infinite presence of life — the love, the light, the goodness of life. Eternal, immortal, and vital, this essence is up to the task in a way our mortal selves are not. The pandemic reminds us that while this Power is within us, we are not the Source of the Power. When we lean into the Source, we can relax a bit. We can allow that energy to infuse us, so that we can be active agents for the solution. For the good.

As you and I navigate the uncharted terrain before us, let’s connect with greater peace by periodically asking ourselves, “Where am I placing my reliance? On my wonderful, but limited, human self? Or on the infinite life force within?” THIS is the time to practice leaning in to the infinite inner Divine. Try it again and again, until you are graced with the relief and renewed energy you so richly deserve!