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It’s Spiritual Wellness Month!

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Akashic Records, Articles, Blog, Recent Posts | 0 comments

This really captured my imagination . . . I just heard that March is Spiritual Wellness Month! I’d never really thought about that exact term, but it suggests just the sort of concepts that Lightworkers like us love to explore.

I think of “spiritual” as another word for love. Invisible, undetected by the human eye, spirit in its raw state. If something is spiritual, it is rooted in love, expressing and encouraging love in all its varieties. “Wellness” is an easier, earthly term. It refers to a positive condition of health. So, spiritual wellness has everything to do with the state of our loving nature and experiences.

Most days, without reminders, I have a faint awareness of existing as a spiritual being in human form. This being “spiritual” is the foundation of all expressions: physical, emotional, and mental. Actions, feelings, and thoughts. Spiritual is the context for it all! Thinking along these lines, I expect my behavior, emotions, and ideas to express identifiable attributes of love.

Continuing along this path, I recall that my soul’s purposes are an outgrowth of my personal experience and expression of the love comprising my soul. It makes sense that my spiritual wellness can be fortified by focusing on what inspires and ignites my individual experience and expression of love, on any given day. As a visionary, it is easy to ponder love in broad strokes within the scope of my entire life. As an ordinary person, it’s essential to infuse daily life – this very day — with visionary perspective.

So let’s hold this March close to our hearts, seeing it as a sacred setting in which to nurture, to treasure, to celebrate the state of our spirit. Every “Wellness Wednesday” this month, you are invited to join me in a Spiritual Fitness Adventure! I will share two questions each week, designed to help us discover which elements in our lives stimulate the infinite love within – generating our happiness, peace of mind, and personal freedom.

For this week, consider…

  1. What activity makes me happy? Or peaceful? Or inspired? What can I do today, with what I have, that brings me pleasure? Go ahead! Enjoy yourself. Your personal happiness is important on the spiritual journey!
  2. Imagine that you are on a treasure hunt. Just a one-day adventure. Can you seek and find love and happiness as it is being expressed in the world? Make note of what you find.

Let’s share our findings at  www.facebook.com/lindahoweakashicstudies during Facebook Live on Tuesday 3/10 at 1 pm CST!