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How Do I Know When I’m in the Akashic Records?

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Articles, Recent Posts, Soul Work | 0 comments

When we’re new to the soul-level realm known as the Akashic Records, most of us ask, “How can I be sure I’m really in the Records? How do I know?” This is a great question.

One way to tell is by examining our emotions. When we access the Records, using the Pathway Prayer Process©, we enter into a kind and respectful sanctuary. A dimension of light, peace, and goodness governed by the three Akashic Absolutes: Fear Not, Judge Not, and Resist Not. A very safe space for us, by its very nature! When we are in the Records, we feel at ease. There can be a sense that it’s all right and acceptable that we’re doing this. It’s not a frightening or overwhelming experience.

To some people, the Records feel very familiar. Many people say, “Well, what’s the big deal? I’ve been here before.” Of course you have! You and I both know that you have bumped into the Records many, many times — but it’s always been very random. What’s different now is that we can use the Pathway Prayer Process for conscious, reliable access.

When we work in the Records, we want to understand it. You know there’s some things you joke about and don’t take seriously, right? Some ways you like to poke a little fun here and there — but when we’re in the Records, all that goes quiet.

Perhaps the most significant way to know you’re in the Records is that you have a sense of being known. You might feel recognized, appreciated, and valued for who you are, just the way you are, right now at this point in time. It’s a sense of being both known and loved. Not the gooey kind of love. It’s the knowing that you are who you’re meant to be.

There’s a sense that no matter what mistakes we’ve made or no matter how frightened we might be, the Records never say, “You are a knucklehead. Get out of here.” In the space of the Akasha, you can think, “All right, that was a disaster, but it was my best option at the time.” Within the Records, there is an understanding of the essential goodness of who you are. If you were raised in traditions that were especially punitive and harsh, or that insisted you must earn love and respect, you might find it really disarming to work in the Records. A place where you are always welcomed with courtesy, kindness, and respect — no matter what you’ve done, and no matter what you’ve failed to do.

One of the best ways I know I’m in the Records is that I’m able to see myself, and the circumstances I’m facing, with greater compassion and understanding than usual. When considering some of the people in my life, I find it so much more natural to have a greater sense of love, respect, and acceptance for them. There is something about the quality of the Records that is able to honor both the spiritual truth of the infinite, eternal goodness at the core of every being, and, at the same time, the vulnerabilities and frailties of our human experience without any judgment or harshness. That, to me, is the bottom line of how to tell if we’re in the Records. I hope this helps you!