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COVID-19: The Akashic Perspective

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Akashic Records, Articles, Blog, COVID, Recent Posts | 0 comments

“Can we stop COVID-19, using the Akashic Records?” This is a question coming to me from all parts of the globe. In my quest to identify helpful guidance, I went into my own Records to find out what’s possible. Here’s what I learned…

Being spiritually awake does not give us immunity or an exemption from human living. The point is not to manipulate the virus, or any of the people involved. We are not granted superpowers over any of this! Instead, we receive a helping of grace, an awareness of a Divine presence that guides us through the experience. As we lean into that grace, that “spiritual fairy dust” enhancing everything it touches, we are enfolded in this loving dynamic.

When we activate the unlimited grace within, we can still collide with life’s troubles — but we don’t get attached. Seeing difficulties, but not diving into the depths, is a natural protection of grace. We are empowered to be fully realistic yet simultaneously detached.

Love, in its many forms, is the direct opposite to much of the trauma currently occurring in the world. We activate this ultimate “antidote” when we take actions expressing the infinite love we carry in our hearts: love in the world, love in action, love in beingness. We are not here to know and to understand everything, but to love ourselves and others, even when we do not know. We are here to enjoy the experience of being human, even with the real limits and uncertainties we face. Do not underestimate the value of the mystery of life!