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Can I Rewrite My Akashic Record?

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Articles, Recent Posts | 0 comments

​Throughout our countless lifetimes, we have so many different experiences. We’re rich, we’re poor, we’re the good guys, we’re the bad guys. We do everything. We’re farmers, fishermen, bankers, lawyers, artists, dancers, and business people. We are everything, and we are faced with a profound spiritual opportunity, and that is to love ourselves, no matter what.

From an Akashic standpoint, every experience is a chance to learn “how to” grow into loving ourselves unconditionally. There’s no reason to even try to change the past. The opportunity is to find a way to make peace with who we are and the choices we’ve made — even if our actions, at times, brought about some very unpleasant consequences. To ask, how can I have compassion for myself, even though I lived through a very difficult time? That is where spiritual power is, and that’s the opportunity you have when working in the Akashic Records!

So if you ever find yourself in particularly harsh conditions, as we all do from time to time, keep in mind that the opportunity is to treat yourself with kindness and respect even though you’re tangled up in some kind of mess. These things happen.

Now, if someone says to you, “Oh, I’ll change your Record,” I would say beware because this is not a sane and grounded idea. Along the same line, people ask if they can “erase” someone out of the Records, usually an ex or an old boss or something. The thing is, no, you can’t do that. You might be the God in YOUR universe — but we’re not God of THE universe. It’s not up to us, or to any other human being, to determine whose soul has value and whose doesn’t. Each of us has equal worth. We all express it differently, but our value weighs the same in the light of the universe.

So no, you can’t erase anybody; and if someone says they erased your actions, don’t worry, it’s not possible.

Not too long ago, someone asked me if they were going backwards on their soul’s journey. Now, don’t ever worry about that happening. I want to tell you, it’s an energetic impossibility! Our nature is expressive and expansive! And the journey is not a linear experience. Now we understand it linearly because this is what our minds can handle, but there’s actually no going backwards.

As we come to love and respect ourselves unconditionally, the path does get easier. I know that you are searching for a way to have the greatest fulfillment and awareness of your oneness with all of life. Self-acceptance is the beginning. It is the key.

Enjoy the path — and don’t let anybody fake you out!