It is a fundamental fact that every human being is involved in a never-ending search to expand and enrich our experience of love in all its forms.  This is the governing principle of our motivations, decisions, choices, selections, and consequent actions.

The light of the Akasha makes it easier to observe that love itself is the core of our being. For many of us, this significant awareness alters our quest from looking for LOVE to looking for people, places, and things that ACTIVATE the love we already have. 

There is no pressure to find someone to love us. We’re not really looking for someone to give us love, or someone we can give love to.  Rather, we are actually searching for people who spark that eternal fountain of love already present within us, so that it springs forth through us and out into the world. 

When considering our relationship with another, we often ask if they can give us what we need.  This is a fair question, but better questions are: “Is it easier for me to love myself with this person in my life?”  or “Is it easier for me to enjoy myself and others with this person in my life?”  I’m sure you can detect the shift from ordinary to inspired relationship. 

This brings us to the topic of Soulmates. From an Akashic point of view, a soulmate is a person who empowers our awareness of our own Soul. A Soulmate activates the expansion of our Soul qualities of love, bringing about deep fulfillment and satisfaction with who we are and the life in which we find ourselves.  Two of the most significant types of Soulmates are soul-growth mates and love-content mates. 

A soul-growth mate is characterized by intense emotion, either comfortable or uncomfortable.  In this situation, the emotion is so compelling that the parties find themselves overcome or even drowning in a sea of feelings.  This tidal wave of emotion can drive the parties to disregard their good judgment, and take actions in the name of “surrender to love.”  While this is a popular relationship ideal in movies and love songs, it is seldom sustainable.  When a soul-growth mate relationship happens, by all means enjoy, but don’t kid yourself that this is necessarily a long-term life mate.  The person who can jar you awake may not be the one who can stay for the everydayness of life. 

Love-content mates are those with whom we have easy connections. Yes, this is so wonderful and not dangerous to our inner structure, or disruptive to our life pattern.  Love-content mate relationships are noted for their harmonious blend of soulful and human qualities.  They are warm, stable, consistent, encouraging, and supportive of us, so we become our best selves in the world.  In relationships founded on mutual respect and admiration, there is give and take, and a sense of shared experiences, both joyful and sorrowful.  These are ideal life mates. 

Sometimes, people are grief stricken at their inability to attract a mate.  Indeed, it can be sad and lonely.  But, after looking into the Records of tens of thousands of souls over the years, I’ve come to recognize that we are in a New Age of Relationship. 

For centuries, we had arranged marriages, with zero choice for either party.  We married for financial security and social stability. Now, for the first time in history, in many cultures we have the opportunity to choose our own mates.  Truth be told: we have no idea how to choose well.  Our parents may not be able to assist us.  Our friends are dealing with similar issues.  Increasing numbers of us are excited to have a chance to get to know ourselves as singles. Many are exhausted from scores of lifetimes being married to people we didn’t like very much, and all the consequences of those pairings.

The ultimate purpose of intimate relationships is to assist us in loving unconditionally.  Soulmates make that opportunity inescapable and we are inspired to fulfill our souls’ purposes.  Enjoy the journey fully, and pay close attention to those with whom we share the adventure.