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The Changeless and the Changing

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Akashic Records, Blog, COVID, Recent Posts | 0 comments

​We know that the Light is brighter these days, forcing the shadows in ourselves and our communities into sharp relief. Old ideas and limitations and injustices are emerging, begging to be examined and resolved. Lasting change starts within; as we let go of outdated ancestral patterns and confining cultural interpretations and narrow personal understandings, we open up internal space where re-creation can blossom. This re-creation is co-creative in nature, dependent on our personal awareness combined with the world in which we find ourselves at this moment.

Always, we are dwelling in the primary substance of life, the Akasha, “that from which all things are formed.” We are the first generation of secular people to approach this force consciously and deliberately. Within the Akashic Records, best accessed through my Pathway Prayer Process©, let’s reconsider our hopes, dreams, and ideals. In this sanctuary, we can receive Ultimate illumination at a manageable rate. And as our thinking, emotions, and actions continue to evolve, the form (but not the essential nature) of the life force changes, in response to our new awareness. This is the realm of engagement in which our heartfelt desires synthesize with planetary life and reality.

I like to think of this as a sacred dimension of life, one in which our personal inner truths co-mingle with the world around us. While it may seem that our desires are fully developed as we bring them to the world, we often find that as they mix with the actual elements in our environment—such as the ideas of others, and tangible resources–our treasured dreams become more than we ever imagined.

There have been phases in human thinking when we considered ourselves victims of external life forces, at the mercy of the whims of unseen gods. Other times, we marshaled the forces of our personal will in Herculean attempts to exert ourselves and gain mastery over the life substance. Neither approach is effective or satisfying long-term. Instead, we are invited to engage with life, just the way it is in the moment. Bringing our cherished innermost dreams to the world in which we find ourselves, allowing the dynamic interaction between the two to activate potentials and possibilities latent in our visions…As we trust this process, miracles come to pass—always within the natural laws. We take customary actions to produce expected results, but often discover that the final outcomes are far better than our expectations. Marvelous surprises, unexpected good beyond our understanding or reasoning!

We are the first secular people in history to be aware of the changeless and the changing and our part in this amazing process. As was sung in Hamilton, “How lucky we are to be alive right now!”