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The Art of Knowing & Discovering: Akashic Records, Intuition and Your Soul’s Purposes

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Akashic Records, Blog, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

In any spiritual work, it’s a good idea to plumb deeply the information we receive. Is it wishful thinking,  pessimistic dread, or inspired truth? When are we listening to our own desires and ideas, and when is the information coming from an inspired place?

Intuition is held within the Akashic Field. The difference between intuition and Akashic Records guidance is the scope and range.  For example, right now I am in a room full of light, which is the Akashic Field. Intuition is one beam of that light—a very important beam of light—but just one beam of light in a field of infinite eternal light.

Students of the Akashic Records often comment that their intuition naturally improves as their access of the Records deepens. What a bonus! When we bring a question to our intuition, we gain valuable insight within a narrow range. When bringing the same question to our Akashic Records, we have the opportunity to grasp our own issue throughout all of our lifetimes into the present day. We see the issues of here and now within the larger context of our soul’s journey.

For many of us, the question of our soul’s purpose is ever-present. Of our many soul purposes, the primary purpose of all souls is to learn to love the self unconditionally and then to learn to love others and all of life unconditionally. Because we are individuals, we discover how to love and enjoy who we are—and how to love and enjoy who everyone else is—in our own unique ways.  While we share a universal soul purpose, we interpret and express it in individual ways. 

In ages past, we humans had the idea that spiritual and human were separate.  Now, we see in the Akashic Light that the human and the spiritual are fused together. Our human self is the physical manifestation of our spiritual consciousness.  The most effective and efficient way to discover purpose is by looking at our human self and our human life.  Some people have come to learn how to love themselves and others through artistic pursuits, some through accounting, numbers and order. Every human need, seen through the lens of the soul, has the potential to be part of our soul’s purpose.

Here is the biggest hint or clue that we are following the path of our soul’s purpose: “What can I do today that unleashes the infinite love inside of me?”  Maybe it is to bake a cake. Maybe it is to visit a friend. We begin to see how everyone has unlimited love within them and shares the challenge to let that out while being human.

To be a human being is to be not-so-perfect. From an Akashic perspective, the challenge is: “How do I love myself and others even though none of us is perfect? How do I allow myself to participate in life even though I will make mistakes?” To understand our soul’s purposes in this lifetime, look at what makes it easy to love and enjoy self and others. These are the clues to our many purposes. We all have a long list of things we will do in this lifetime. It is a busy time in history! We have so much to do, and we all chose to be here.

Our limitations are not the end of our story, although they grab our attention. Underneath fear, anger and bad behavior is only goodness and light. The challenge of our time is to go just a little bit deeper to get there—which is exactly what we are doing!  Thanks for sharing the journey!