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The Akashic Records and Health in Today’s World

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Akashic Records, Blog, COVID, Healing, Recent Posts | 0 comments

Here we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Without question, it’s bad. At the same time, there are many encouraging silver linings in the clouds of COVID.  Beginning with the fact that everyone in the world is affected: every human, every socio-economic group, every continent. Consequently, it’s clear that no one country, government, or doctor can resolve this alone, so we must work together. COVID presents a practical reminder of our fundamental interrelatedness.

From an Akashic perspective, we recognize that we are one human family. It’s always been true but now we are challenged to live in the truth of this oneness. From this truth as our starting place, we can head in the direction of viable solutions to this global dilemma.   

Finding the hidden treasures of COVID requires open minds and hearts. While our dreams are fully alive within us, we are challenged to live life the way it really is, being flexible and adaptive. Manifesting our destiny occurs in the world in which we find ourselves, through the person we are at this point in time, inspired by our soul.

 Although we live in times of great turbulence, when entering our Akashic Records, we encounter a stable, safe, supportive, consistent field of light. The Records do not react to external turbulence, empowering us to see beyond the surface and  recognize greater truths.  From that place of peace, we become increasingly aware of all of the wisdom we’ve been cultivating for lifetimes. Treasures are illuminated by Akashic Light. 

Through clarity, stability, and emotional safety, the Akashic Records encourage us to be the best possible people we can be. We feel supported to make inspired choices based on the reality of our life right now. 

Health concerns have been customary for people throughout time, but especially in this pandemic. Looking at human health from the vantage point of the Records, we see that our health is always an opportunity to practice unconditional self love, love of others and all of humanity. Being sick is not a moral issue, cosmic punishment or indictment of unworthiness. Rather, it is a specific chance to extend kindness and respect to ourselves and others, even when our bodies are not meeting our ideal standards. Particularly important is the fact that there is no virus strong enough to extinguish the love living in the hearts of humans or fierce enough to block our sharing kindness, respect and human goodwill in every form.

The challenge for many of us is learning to love and appreciate ourselves even though we experience physical imperfection. If you add to this the natural human desire to fix things, some of us are left asking ourselves how to love and respect ourselves—even when we are unable to achieve a certain change. 

One of the great spiritual laws of life is that all change emerges from a foundation of acceptance. Without acceptance, there is no change. Acceptance is not the same as approval; it doesn’t mean we will be pleased with a situation. Instead, it recognizes the presenting reality of a situation.

As we stop weaponizing difficulties, we can see them as simply physical situations. That’s all. And then we can open up to, “Well, if I have this for the rest of my life, how can I be happy?” Our health issues are opportunities to love ourselves.

Whether contemplating our personal physical health, the health of our planet, the health of society, or life during a once-in-a-century global pandemic, Akashic Light can help us see hidden opportunities to love ourselves.