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Spark Your Joy

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Blog, COVID, Manifesting, Recent Posts, Soul Work | 0 comments

We each have a role to play in this global crisis. Essential workers, bless you! Medical personnel, you are my heroes! Thank you, all of you, for making a beautiful difference. Me, I’m taking very seriously this Facebook meme: “For the first time in human history, we can save the world by just staying on the couch. Let’s not screw this up . . . ”

Though I am one of the lucky ones who is working from home, I’ve begun to slip into “virus fatigue,” complete with cabin fever, malaise, and serious cravings for junk food. I realized I was tired of sporting lounge wear that looked so cute and comfy only a month ago. I knew I’d turned a corner after I stuffed my chubby feet into a pair of regular shoes made of leather and no laces and rifled through my closet for a pair of pants with a zipper. All the glamour and heroism surfacing in the early days of the crisis is wearing thin, with no end in sight yet.

Recently I received an email from someone elaborating on her distress in these unusual circumstances. It found its way into my head and heart, prompting me to look deeper. Her concern is that she feels like she’s being held back from expressing her soul’s purposes. That this shelter-at-home is interfering with her spiritual growth. I could feel her angst. All of this pushed me to re-visit the notion of “soul’s purposes” in these confusing times.

First, I’m reminded that the soul is spiritual, and that “spiritual” means made of love. Our soul’s purposes are all about our loving intentions and aspirations. And there is but one soul, made up of each and every one of us. The universal soul is shared by us all, but is experienced and expressed through us, as us, the mortal beings that we are.

In effect, our soul’s purposes are the unique way in which we personally experience the infinite love within and share it with others.

Another matter complicating this situation is that most of us self-identified Lightworkers are visionaries. We fully acknowledge and embrace the vast scope of inspiring possibilities for ourselves, others, and the human family. Today our challenge is to bring our visionary awareness to the very ordinary aspects of our human lives. For the truth is that the power of life is only, but always, available in the present. And, if we can make a more conscious connection with it now, we can be assured it will be there in the future, one moment following the last. All of this, to pinpoint the power of this painful but positively productive moment.

I invite you to join me in asking, How can I experience the infinite love within me today and share it with others? How is this possible within all the external limitations and restrictions?

For me, it has been to take a walk with my partner, Lisa, and our dog, Chadwick. Followed by making split pea and ham soup in the slow cooker and a phone call to a friend. Each activity enriched the connection I have with that sense of love and goodness within. Deceptively simple actions unleashing amazing personal experiences of love and fulfillment.

What about you? What can you do today, with what you have right now, to ignite the reservoir of positive emotions living within you?