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One World, One Human Family

by | May 22, 2021 | Akashic Records, Blog, COVID, Events, Recent Posts | 0 comments

When I think back to the 1960s when the very first images of our Earth from space began to make their way into our newspapers and magazines, I remember feeling a sense of awe in the beauty and splendor of our Terra Firma.

Earth is a precious jewel in the blackness of space, and our oceans and rivers, mountains and deserts, forests and fields, towns and cities create a mosaic of life experiences through the ages. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful home, which we share with nearly eight billion people!

Modern technology is having a massive impact in bringing people on this planet together. I am amazed when I have the privilege of developing deep soul-level connections with students on the other side of the globe. When I am in a video session with someone whose cat nonchalantly walks across her desk, or whose connection is interrupted by a massive storm when I see only clear skies in my corner of the world, I marvel at the power of real-time video connections!

What an adventure it is to be alive today, when we have the opportunity to traverse vast difference in culture, language, time zone, and geography with a single flick of a switch. Since my life’s work is to teach people how to work in the Akashic Records, today’s technology allows me to exponentially increase my reach.

Having just completed a spectacular Teacher Training in Taiwan and China, all online, I rejoice along with my newly minted Certified Teachers who will begin to bring my teachings to students in that wonderful part of the planet. Our team worked very hard to overcome language barriers and technological challenges, but the connection of our Hearts, Minds, and Will was strong enough to overcome the physical obstacles.

As we continue to follow the path of our expanding technology and our increasing connection with our human family across the globe, here is a meditative exercise to help enrich your Akashic Practice:

Close your eyes, open your awareness, and go into your heart to your heart’s deep reservoir of infinite light.

Expand your awareness upward and allow yourself to become aware of the Akashic Light, the Light of Life, above you.

Experience your connection between your heart, the heart of the earth, and the heart of light.

Broaden your vision to include everyone, no matter where they are located, all connected through the heart of light.

As is the nature of light to radiate, it also manifests, and for us our oneness can be expressed through our technology, the technology we use in work and play. Cables and modems. Hardware and software. These are all an expression of the oneness we carry in our hearts.

Recognize the sacred space you hold between the human, the spiritual, and the technical expression of light through our technology.

Thank you all for sharing your light with our eight billion close neighbors!