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Manifesting Our Precious Dreams

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Akashic Records, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

No matter the temperature, rest assured that spring, the Season of Planting, is on the way! The question at hand is: “what do we plant?” To answer that question, it’s time to examine and select our optimal dreams, hopes, and heartfelt desires. 

After being tempered and transformed in known and mysterious ways by this incredibly long winter, the season of rest, most of us are ready to reflect on what is next for us personally, knowing our individual visions are naturally a part of the collective. 

Years of interacting in the Akashic Field using the Pathway Prayer Process has propelled me into awareness beyond my ordinary senses.  One valuable understanding, especially in relationship with manifesting, is the Realm of Engagement. 

The Realm of Engagement is the space in life where your precious, personal dream interacts with the life in which you currently live. This is the realm where our deepest, most authentic desires connect with life, exactly the way life is, as opposed to how we “wish” or “hope” it is. 

As we launch our heartfelt dreams into this realm, life receives them and in a sacred alchemical process, causing our dreams to become something greater than anything we could generate on our own.  This process brings us satisfaction and fulfillment exceeding our expectations. 

As you can probably imagine, there are some conditions to this amazing, but natural, process. 

To begin with, we are invited to search our hearts for our precious, persistent dreams, which are powerful clues to our soul’s purposes. 

Consider something that you’ve always dreamt, a secret wish or hope that you’ve carried with you for decades. Bring it to light, describe it as thoroughly as you can, and let it rest in the light of truth.  Consider how you expect to feel when your dream is realized, or even more telling, AS you are in the process of realizing the dream. 

Next, use the inner triangle of your heart, mind, and will to gauge the value of your dream. Does the very thought of this make you happy? Is the dream sane and sound? Does it make good sense for you personally? Are you willing to take necessary actions to bring this dream to fruition?

Don’t worry if modifications are required, especially if your cherished ideal has been hidden away within you for years. Make the required adjustments and launch into life! Let it go! Turn it over to Life!!!!

This doesn’t mean to abandon your dream but rather….

Find the most nourishing conditions for the growth of your treasure. Plant your dream. Care for it with nourishment, light, love, and attention. Dedicate yourself to nurture and cultivate your dream and let it grow. 

It may grow in awkward ways, but never let that make you lose sight of your ideal. As it grows, you will need to occasionally prune it back, shape it, and sometimes even pull out the pesky weeds. Never forget the fact that you have a specific vision, which is evidence that you have within you the ability to achieve it! 

As we “let go” and allow life to take the lead, magnificent events come to pass.  Give it a try.  Even the most elusive dreams can become reality if we are willing to open up to allow Life to adjust, improve, and manifest our dreams.

Experiment with one of your own inner treasures. As you gather evidence of the marvels of this Realm of Engagement approach, it will become increasingly easy to do it with all of your dreams, one at a time.