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Unconditional Love In Action

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Akashic Records, Blog, COVID, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

As we approach May, the month of the Mother, I find myself contemplating Unconditional Love in all its forms. Let unconditional love manifest in every aspect of your life!

Mother Earth, birthing new life in countless expressions, demonstrates her unconditional love. Gaia in all her brilliant bursting forth reveals the physical demonstration of the Divine Feminine. The Earth gives us life, and we honor her with our stewardship and respect.

We have a marvelous opportunity to not only witness but also manifest the Divine Feminine. How can we become this life-giving presence in our daily lives? What possibilities exist for us in this latest turning of the page to a post-COVID world?

As Akashic Lightworkers, we are able to register the consciousness of the Divine Feminine quite easily because of her strength and presence within the Akasha. She is that elegant, refined response of kindness and respect in any and all circumstances. She is the energetic being who radiates mercy and compassion. She is that understanding and patient acceptance as we both stumble and shine along the path of our human journey.

By engaging in our Records, we encounter the embrace of this infinite, loving, maternal acceptance. Through a deceptively simple but profound practice using the Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records, we can carry this energy into our daily lives.

Experiment with meeting your goals (or not), realizing your hopes (or not), exceeding your expectations (or not), manifesting your dreams (or not), with these powerful responses:  “Of course! No wonder! These things happen! It is all right – terrible even, but okay. I am still here. All is good. You can’t convince me otherwise.”

As you continue the “Of course!” practice, you will sense and transmit this enduring warmth, inclusion, acceptance and embrace of the Akashic Feminine, which holds the power to transform through unconditional love in action. By being loved and appreciated in the sacred realm of the Akasha by the touch of the Divine Feminine, you will become empowered to extend loving acceptance to others.

Begin today by offering these simple phrases to transmit the healing power of unconditional love: “Of course!” “No wonder!” “It’s alright!”

Throughout May – this Month of the Mother – let’s extend to ourselves and to everyone we meet, unconditional love in action. We can best express the Divine Feminine energy with a simple, loving “Of course. These things happen. I know you are good.  There is nothing you can do that would convince me that you are unlovable. I love you!”