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Living your dreams in love and prosperity

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Akashic Records, Blog, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

In light of human reality here on the planet, let’s explore Akashic Wisdom in the light of Prosperity. From an Akashic perspective, prosperity is about value and fulfillment: what gives us the experience of being useful valid human beings. The key to this fulfillment is our ever-increasing awareness of our soul’s purposes.

Our souls have many purposes, and those purposes have everything to do with love. What can I do today that unleashes that experience of love today? How can I participate in the world? Our Soul’s Purposes are the path through which we realize our destiny, and our destiny/destination are all a part of our Akashic Records.

Prosperity is a state of: “In this moment, I have enough. I am enough. Enough is good. Enough is plenty right now. I even have enough to share.” When we are looking to our experience of prosperity, we look in the present. Prosperity in the future is a nothing more than a dream.

Back when I started this work in 1994, I didn’t even have a computer. All I had was my connection with the Records but I always had enough for the next step: business cards, space to work, writing a book, etc. All of those things took resources, and I certainly had to learn a lot, but it was my soul’s purpose and I could do it. Even when I was just starting and far from perfect, I always had enough to take the next step.

From the Akashic Perspective, money is not the point of our lives.  It’s not the end game or the goal. Money is a tool, a resource. Nothing more.

The more neutral we are when it comes to judging having or not having money, then our right relationship with it falls into place. When we understand what we really want, the universe will open the way. As we relinquish judgements about ourselves, our dreams and resources, our hearts desires find us.

Every dream has a starting point, each made up of actions that we can actually do. Start with those to get going in the direction of your dream. What can you do today with who you are and what you have? Take one small action. Ask that question daily, follow it up with manageable actions and you’ll be on your way!  

Through pursuing our dreams, we become the person we are meant to be. This happens as we let go of undesirable behaviors and initiate optimal ones.  Life is alive so there’s always more. Our dreams come to life through an organic process of combining who we are and the world in which we live.  A similar dream in another person and different life time would yield a different result. The path opens wide when indeed it is your path. If it’s not your path, don’t worry. There will always be other things to do and you’ll be led.

Stand as who you are, where you are. Allow the light within you to shine, it’s naturally radiant.   Stay open and receive as the radiant light is equally magnetic and draws to you everything you could possibly need for the next step on your journey.  Your prosperity is alive and well in the present moment. 

Relinquish the judgements you have to the best of your ability.  It’s neither good nor bad to be rich or poor. Both are distinct experiences offering us opportunities to love ourselves unconditionally, find ways to participate and contribute no matter what our circumstances.  

Life is always urging us to our next step and provides sufficient resources for our journey.  With all the treasures living within you, the dreams of your heart, the infinite love, all of that goodness will be unleashed and shared with everyone you encounter.

Know this.  Your prosperity, the prosperity you have today, is more than enough for what you need.