During times of great turmoil and suffering, our most human impulse is to try to make things better. We want to help alleviate the pain and anguish that we see on our televisions and feel deeply within our hearts.

Our responses are many. Perhaps we personally reach out to a friend or friends who are directly affected by events far beyond their control. Perhaps we donate to causes that will supply much-needed aid. Perhaps we pray or meditate for peace. Most likely, we respond to troubling times in a variety of perfect ways.

All of these are important human responses to help bring more Peace to a troubled world, activating the power of Peace living within each one of us.  The difficulties experienced by our brothers and sisters anywhere on the globe resonate with each of us, and doing what we can to help is a beautiful and necessary gesture.

In addition to responding to crisis situations with kindness and compassion, love and generosity, I invite you to also explore your own relationship to Peace.

Nothing is an accident, and it is no accident that you are who you are and where you are at this time of universal change. Take the time to reflect on your role in the present. Most people of goodwill truly dislike war and violence, but the feelings of anger must be melted away by an even stronger desire for Peace and healing. Anger will not fix this. Anxiety and grief will not fix this. Peace will fix this.

The most subversive act imaginable is the most simple. Quietly and powerfully embrace Peace in its many facets. Embrace Peace in your own life. Embrace Peace in your dealings with others. Embrace Peace in your prayers and meditations. Feed Peace, nourish Peace, and generate Peace.

The people who are suffering from cruelty and violence are following their own Soul’s journey, as difficult as it may be. Yes, they need our love and every possible assistance we can provide. Yes, they need our support and our empathy. But they do not need to be burdened with our anger, anxiety, and grief. Create a space of Peace in your heart, and hold it open as wide and bright and beautiful as possible.

As we increase our awareness of the Peace that is present in ourselves and in the world, we amplify the energy of Peace. This makes it easier to appreciate the reality of the presence of Peace no matter the circumstances, and fortifies our stronger, positive energetic state of being as we hold the Light steady in our turbulent world.

Inner Peace is the strongest force for outer Peace.  It eludes us when our ego is filled with impatience, self-pity, judgement, resentments, pride, and fear.  Trust in the Source of goodness and life is developed by practice. Experiment and observe,  revealing the truth of peace and harmony. There’s no reason to  fear losing control because we control nothing. Release your inner obstacles to Peace, and enter harmony, your natural state.

Let’s accept ourselves, and others ….those expressing peace, fear, anger, and pain.  We are all doing our best in a valiant effort to feel loved and safe.  You are loved and you are safe.  There is a quality to your being that is indestructible, eternal, immortal, infinite.  You share it with every other person.  We are an ocean of individuals expressing the one Light in the best way we know.  And it is good.

Know the truth that there is Peace everywhere.  Be a serious lightworker….seek and find the Light in the least likely places.  This is why we are here.  See you out there!