Grace Under Pressure

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Blog, Recent Posts, Soul Work | 0 comments

At every stage of the journey, I have unexpectedly met an exquisite quality of light I’ve come to know as Grace. Not to diminish its exceptional elegance, but it has been spiritual fairy dust in my life, bringing goodness to everything it touches. Familiar to us all — even though invisible to the physical eye — Grace is a quality best described as merciful, generous, sensitive, and brilliant, yet unassuming.  

There are times in our lives when we feel helpless and hopeless, and that’s exactly when Grace comes to the rescue to hold us steadily in the Light.  I know that involvement in international war, pandemic, collapse of established institutions, seemingly irreparable fractures in longstanding loving relations, and upheaval of every sort were not on the “to do list” of any of us. Yet, here we are. Facing our worst fears, or even worse, not facing our ancient resentments and profound anxieties and confusion.  There is a way to proceed through this morass, activating our conscious connection with spiritual grace. 

Grace is everywhere, always. Our role is to behold it, and not to be concerned with manufacturing or strengthening Grace; it already exists in complete integrity. Grace needs a witness — that’s our job. Our responsibility is to seek it out, become sensitive to qualities of elegance, refinement, sensitivity, precision and detail and then to honor these, simply by directing our attention to the presence of Grace. Our role is to recognize Grace to the best of our ability in any given moment.  

My next awesome realization arrived informing me that the Light does all necessary work. We need not direct, dictate, guide, or manipulate the Light. The Light, in its infinite wisdom, can be trusted to take the lead in all matters, spiritual and temporal. 

The universe generously provides grace, everywhere, at all times, no matter what circumstance. The only requirement for access is awareness, which can be developed through a systematic, deliberate practice of paying attention.

Think of this as a powerful, effective spiritual practice.  Direct your thoughts to seek and find grace….and you will.  Not as a singular event but an ongoing, empowering process. Doing so, our awareness of Grace increases, soon followed by experiences of support and inspiration  by this sacred vibration. A great privilege of  your conscious spiritual journey is training  yourself to recognize the infinite presence and blessings of Grace. Once noticed, Grace comes alive and radiates its light! 

Consider this your personal invitation: to stand in the awareness of your infinite, eternal relationship with Grace, as you understand it in this moment. Be gentle. Allow yourself to be infused and inspired with the light of Grace for your own uplift and then, the enrichment of everyone you encounter.

Awakening to the presence of Grace in your life and consciously fusing with it will transform you into an elegant agent for the Light of Grace. You will be the one sprinkling us all with spiritual fairy dust, quickening the latent Light in us all. Shine On!