As challenges and worries populate our landscapes, let’s turn our attention to an unceasing inner treasure, Happiness. Inherent within each one of us, it sometimes takes a moment of awareness to activate.  Like a river at the core of our being, our individual experience of our happiness is a single stream in our collective river of happiness.  Attending to our own personal relationship with this attribute, we easily contribute to the same in our human family. 

Happiness is state of well-being, of good will, of knowing that we are on a solid path aligned with our deepest truths. Not requiring perfection, our inherent happiness is unleashed as we move in the direction of our expressing our truths. Ignoring or minimizing our heartfelt desires puts us on a path of ever-increasing misery and confusion. Our truths invite us to participate in life, resulting in greater natural alignment and a richer connection with our innermost self, which instantly responds with vitality with our attentive ear and subsequent action.

True happiness requires us to honor who we are now, based on who we have been and are becoming. Accepting our evolution as awakening souls in human form.  Self-acceptance may be one of the great challenges of our human journey.  Understanding it as path of growth makes it so much easier, eliminating internal pressures and allowing us to embrace our individual identities and place in the world.  This foundation positions us to launch the changes we dream about, bringing them into reach. 

For me and everyone I know, the brilliant aspect of human happiness is that it asks only that we allow ourselves the chance to recognize, acknowledge, and act to express our inner truths to the best of our ability.  No matter what opinions we may have about any of it.  This is the key to experiencing true happiness – our birthright! 

Here is a simple and profound exercise to help you tap into your inner state of true happiness.

Close your eyes and open your awareness to the very core of your being, deep inside. From within this realm, it is easier for most of us to get a sense of the infinite reservoir of happiness. This never-ending eternal dimension of happiness is our connection with the Divine Reality. Our aim is to become very comfortable with this infinite reservoir of profound happiness.

From this place, you may be able to recognize that our human journey is our opportunity to acclimate to an expanded state of happiness. Notice that it’s unlimited and naturally invites us to ask ourselves some important questions.  Can we let ourselves be happier than we’ve been, happier today than yesterday? Can we have greater happiness tomorrow than we could handle today?

Now, take a look all around you from this altitude of consciousness, a high place within you where you can see yourself as you are seen and known in the light of Truth. As you see yourself in your mind’s eye—whether an image of yourself or a sense of yourself – consider the fact that you are designed to be you. You are the only you that will ever exist. It’s all you. You are here to be you.

You are here to be living the life that you are in. You are part of a magnificent unfolding that all of humanity is enjoying together. As you understand the fundamental truth about your existence, it is easier to recognize some of the greater purposes for you in your life.

From this place, what you can find out about yourself in this life? What are the most significant purposes for you in this life? It may be you have a very creative idea to share with the world. It may be you have come to be a wonderful parent. It may be that you are here to run a good and valuable business bringing good services to the world.

There are things that are best done by you, given who you are, where you are created, how you live. There are things you can do that are better than anyone. It is the opportunity of this lifetime to allow that to come forward. Therein lies your true happiness, lasting happiness.

You may have a sense of great  vision. What is really possible for you in the life! You may be inspired, and you may even be a little bit intimidated. You are here on this Earth to be greater than you imagine. Now, I ask you to bring you attention to this very day.

Now, looking into your own heart, ask the power question: What action could I take today that would move me in the direction of my great destiny? What action can I take today to honor who I am and what I am capable of doing? All greatness occurs one action at a time. This is the place, and this is the day.

As you look, you might get a sense that something within you is interfering with you reaching your inner happiness and expressing your goodness. Is it fear? Can you let it go today and see what happens? Tomorrow you could take it back, if you’re not quite ready to let all of it go. Let go of a little. Baby steps are perfectly fine!

Look at who you are from that inner light of truth. Alignment with who you are created to be and the destiny before you is a path to what makes you happiest. Acting in that direction honors the very best within you.

The question to carry in your heart regarding your happiness is: what action can I take today that honors the gifts, talents, and abilities that have been given to me? What can I contribute to the people around me today that is deeply pleasing to me?  

Ultimately we are challenged to see ourselves through the eyes of the Divine, and to see that everything we are is an expression of the Divine.