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Asking Why

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Blog, COVID, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

As the coronavirus continues its pursuit of the global community, many times I have been asked a question so painful I can barely stand to repeat it: “Why? Why would God do this to us — and take so many innocent lives?” But it must be said, to be examined in the Light of Truth. Beneath that question is an undergrowth of faulty assumptions, based on old ideas we were all steeped in as children. Our current crisis gives us a chance to reconsider our core beliefs and make adult decisions about their value to us now.

I grew up believing in a God who loved his creations, but who also punished their unworthiness with a fiery touch. This all made less and less sense as I grew older. Now that I have come to know God as pure Love, the image of the Divine as a punitive or vengeful entity makes no sense to me. Perhaps you agree that no god anywhere is “doing this” to us. From an Akashic point of view, we are living through choices made by our fellow humans, who really wanted to demonstrate love and peace for themselves and the rest of us. There is no malice in anyone here. Errors? Certainly. But every misguided decision has been motivated by a desire to experience more love.

Expanding the Akashic viewpoint, from my years studying the Records I learned that everything (absolutely everything) that happens is ultimately for our good. It’s easy to look out to the world and identify what others could be doing to improve the situation, or how others are being affected. But in order to anchor in the wisdom of the challenge, we must embrace it personally, and see if we can discern any positive value for ourselves in this terrible experience. Claim our blessings. Allow ourselves to be taken care of during this difficult time. Experience our personal gratitude. And as we each do this individually…eventually, mercifully, inevitably, the collective is impacted.

As Lightworkers, we elected to be here on Earth at this time because of our own desire to be a presence of love, peace, compassion, understanding, and mercy. We are needed. Let’s continue our deep commitment to seeking and finding the Light, Truth, and Goodness in life.