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Are you “Blocked” from your Akashic Records?

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Akashic Records, Blog, Recent Posts, Soul Work | 0 comments

Everything is ramping up and a new level of anxiety has become part of our everyday lives. We are at a time of existential consequence, and the effects of the twists and turns of world events leave most of us craving solid footing and definitive answers.

I am finding an increasing number of students concerned that they are somehow “blocked” from their Akashic Records because they are not “getting anything” when they bring important questions to their Records. This is especially true of beginners, but is also increasingly common with seasoned practitioners.

Please believe me when I tell you that no one is ever “blocked” from their Akashic Records! These are the Records of YOUR soul, and they are YOURS. Nothing can block you from your Records! If you are following the protocols and utilizing my Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records, you ARE opening your Records.

The challenge might be your expectations. Perhaps you are forgetting that the Akashic Energy is extremely subtle. Perhaps you are expecting simple answers to extremely complex questions, or questions that simply do not have answers. Perhaps what you are interpreting as “being blocked” is actually an invitation to go much deeper and shifting the focus of your questions.  Sometimes, we forget that the Records are for spiritual exploration over time, not for a quick event. 

When life is challenging, it’s easy to fall back into our old ideas and fears.  It’s natural to want immediate, sensational answers and the more we have these unreasonable expectations, the further away valuable guidance becomes. Better to pause, notice that in this moment you are alright even though you may be extremely uncomfortable, and give yourself the chance to develop the relationship you deserve with your Records.  It’s well worth it. 

We live in a time of transformation, so consider shifting the focus of your questions to illuminate your own path. Instead of a question like “how can I become financially secure” consider shifting the focus from the desired result (financial security) to the perfect path you can take to contribute your gifts to the world? Changing focus from what you want, to what you can contribute, will bring you into greater alignment with the Universe. As you give, you receive. By helping others, you will bring fortune upon yourself.  

We understand that old ways of giving to the point of self-harm are unnecessary and counter-productive.  In this old pattern, we may find ourselves poisoning those at the receiving end of our giving with our resentment, exhaustion, and self-pity.  As spiritual seekers, our challenge is to discover ways to give that nurture and sustain us.  If we enjoy what we are giving and the manner in which we are extending ourselves, then we multiply the blessings for everyone involved.  Empower yourself by asking, “What can I give in this situation that will nurture and sustain me?”  Keeping in mind that is it essentially fulfilling to support the true needs of others. 

Many of my students bring questions to the Records that involve challenging relationships in their lives. Instead of framing the question “how can I solve the problem I am having with a partner, a friend, a family member, a coworker, etc.,” consider being of service by asking “How can I be the best possible mother/sister/daughter/spouse/friend/boss/employee/etc. in this situation?” You are always the point of power in your own Records and focusing on yourself, and the opportunities for your own growth, is pivotal.  You can dramatically alter your relationships with others when you ask yourself powerful questions such as, “What is my part in this difficulty?”  “What am I doing to contribute to this problem?”  This simple shift can result in deep transformation.

Shift your thoughts from what you will get to what you will give along with examining your own participation in any thorny situation.   This approach will supercharge your ability to get information from the Records.

You deserve sound insight, guidance, and wisdom from your own Records.  This can be achieved with good training, practice, and appropriate expectations.  The good news is that you do not have to be psychic to be successful in this spiritual practice.  And, your desire to make this connection stronger is evidence that you have the natural ability. 

Give yourself a chance, you are being led.