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A Few Thoughts about These Days

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Blog, COVID, Manifesting, Recent Posts | 0 comments

Dear Friends,
This morning, as I sipped my tea and watched daylight break over the treetops, I was immersed in the latest coronavirus news. Government leaders floundering, scholars and scientists exasperated, economies threatening to slide into dust…. This was awful, frightening, almost overwhelming. I had to reel myself back into the moment and out of all the projections and calculations of what might happen tomorrow!
We stand side-by-side, you and I, ordinary people knee-deep in an extraordinary crisis. Marginalized people have always known the wisdom of not counting on governments or institutions for relief – and this time we are all on the margins. Caught in the grip of a very democratic virus: no respecter of bank accounts, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or political persuasion.
What will “save” us? First, our individual acceptance that, at some level, we are on our own…not as something wrong or terrible, but as an opportunity to consciously connect with the infinite life force within and allow it to lead the way. Every one of us possesses the inner resources needed to navigate this time of turbulence. There are no shortages of love, understanding, patience, ingenuity, or resourcefulness. These are our birthright – and abundantly available to us right here and now. This crisis nudges each of us to dive deep into our own personal point of power, peace, and goodness within.
Next, taking our recognition of our oneness to the next level. Deliberately welcoming differences; expanding our personal tent to make room for every other person alive as if they are family, because they are. We are here at this moment to take good care of ourselves and those we love and those we barely know. And everyone in-between! As we come to more fully acknowledge and enjoy our essential unity, may this influence our response in the days ahead.
Let the Light and Love within you take the lead and show you the way through.
Much Love,