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Media Interviews

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A personal message from Linda for you:

Transformational life guidance is always available for you through the Akashic Records. Important challenges in your life can be addressed and resolved by scheduling a consultation with me.

In an Akashic Records reading, we explore who you are, and the issues you face in this lifetime, from the perspective of your soul. We feel both known and loved within the Records. Being in the richness of this sacred realm can help us in every area of life, from creative endeavors to careers to relationships of every variety. This accepting, non-judgmental dimension fosters greater loving, compassion, and harmony with life.

Most people get ready for their session by making a list of questions covering the main areas of their lives. Please see these comprehensive guidelines:

In a reading, we begin with the Pathway Prayer©, some parts of which are said out loud and some silently. The Prayer provides a reliable and deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the Records responsibly, in a disciplined, conscious manner. For some clients, there is a dramatic shift in the senses, but for most of us, the experience is much more subtle. A combination of clarity, emotional stillness, and illumination characterizes the Akashic dimension.

For years, one of the joys of my life has been conducting readings and helping empower clients into the fullness of their radiance as they gain Akashic guidance. Being able to assist people in getting to the heart of their challenges is an honor and a privilege.

Invest in the care of your own soul with a reading — an elegant, efficient, and enjoyable way to accelerate your journey. Be empowered to live your dreams sooner rather than later! You’ll be clear about the truth and how to move ahead, now. Make your appointment today for a personal reading with me.

Much Love to You!


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