My growing “to-do” list has delivered me to a new level of self-awareness: the importance of aligning with my inner authority. Stressing about meeting goals, accomplishing tasks, honoring commitments to myself and others alerted a need for adjustment.

I took my dilemma into my Akashic Records using the Pathway Prayer Process. Probing this amazing realm to uncover the source of the problem, I discovered a solution. Questions so potent I could feel them in my bones included: “Why am I so stressed? What is keeping me stuck? How can I be both peaceful and also productive?”

Upon reflection, I was guided to see where my trust and reliance were resting. I found myself leaning into my mortal, fallible, human self – and wearing myself down in the process! While in my Records, I saw an opportunity to shift my reliance to the infinite, inner, immortal life force. As I shifted my reliance from external to internal energy, really leaning into the eternal within, relief took hold; I was able to relax.

By redirecting my focus from outer self to inner divine, I felt a surge of energy rush through me, leaving me empowered to meet any situation. Aligning with this greater authority allowed me to become infused with more than enough energy to proceed in a calm, effective manner.

Try it. Where are you placing your reliance? On your wonderful – but limited – human self? Or on the infinite life force within? Lean in to the infinite inner divine! Relax and receive the full potential! Align with Authority and access your aliveness!

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