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Teacher Training 

Linda Howe’s FAST TRACK Teacher Training Program

Step onto this fast track to serving others by becoming a Certified Teacher in record time! Offering a brand new opportunity for you to learn and then teach others how to use the Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records©, with protocols and outlines created by international expert, Dr. Linda Howe.

Qualify to teach and Certify Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners – two classes of  foundation training for a lifetime of inspired Akashic Growth! 

Completing this virtual training will certify you to teach both “Practitioner Certification” and “Advanced Practitioner Certification” classes, including:

  • How to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others, and
  • How to work in the Akashic Records for Energy Healing, Clearing Ancestral Patterns, and Reconciling Past Lives.

Message from Dr. Linda Howe:

We are being invited to transform every area of our lives thanks to the global pandemic! As we face this new reality, we are adjusting in new and wonderful ways and making our work accessible to more students. In response to your heartfelt desire to serve others, we have revised our Certified Teacher Training Program to be completely online for your health, convenience and personal empowerment. Flexible learning options were designed so you can customize your experience for optimal support.

Our need to anchor more Akashic Light, Love and Wisdom is greater than ever before. And requires that we do this together.  The Linda Howe Akashic Community is growing worldwide and we would love you to become a part of it all.

Step up and move forward based on your own inner rhythms and wisdom. You can become certified to teach as early as April 2021 if you sign up this September and have completed the Core Courses. Admissions are open through December 2021. Registration is now open, so you can get started on your Teaching Journey as soon as you are ready. 

Requirements for Admission:

Five classes are required (click here for details). All classes must be taught by a recognized Certified Teacher in good standing at the time of your Certification, or Linda Howe’s recorded classes On Demand with mentor support.

  1. Practitioner Certification
  2. Advanced Practitioner Certification
  3. Healing Through the Akashic Records Certification
  4. Discover Your Soul’s Path Certification
  5. Manifesting Your Soul’s Purposes Certification (Note: If “Manifesting” is incomplete, students may take this requirement as part of the On-Demand Dual Certification, but it is strongly recommended they register for the upcoming Live Online Manifesting Class with Linda Howe)
Also Required:

Teacher Training Application

Teacher Certification Registration Fee: $3997
(NOTE: This does not include the cost of the Core Classes. Total cost of the Core Classes can range from $1840 to $2424)

Paypal is the only method of payment accepted by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. Through Paypal, you may pay through credit card, e-check, or through Paypal’s “Paypal Credit” payment installment plan.

Course Components:

These Components will all be offered through LHOCAS (Linda Howe Online Center for Akashic Studies):

Practitioner Certification Outline Review: Live Online with Linda Howe. Examine this material from the Teaching point of view. Class outlines and materials reviewed with ample time for questions. Take in-person at this time, or recorded for your convenience. Join us for additional time with Linda, the Monthly Open Q&A (details below)

    • January 14, 21 & 28 and February 4, 2021 from 6:00-8:00 PM CST

Advanced Practitioner Certification Outline Review: Live Online with Linda Howe. Examine this material from the Teaching point of view. Class outlines and materials reviewed with ample time for questions. Take in-person at this time, or recorded for your convenience. Join us for additional time with Linda, the Monthly Open Q&A (details below)

    • February 11, 18 & 25 and March 4, 2021 from 6:00-8:00 PM CST

Best Practices with Linda Howe and Select Elite Certified Teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what supports an effective and satisfying teaching practice from those who are successfully teaching this work. Ideally, you participate in person. However, you can also watch the video recording.

    • Monthly, September through December 2021

Monthly Open Q & A, All about Teaching the Akashic Records with Linda Howe. This is the opportunity to receive guidance for your personal teaching practice.

    • Monthly, September through December 2021

Reading Partner Swap: Work with a minimum of two students in Paractitioner and/or Advanced Practitioner as a reading partner for online classes, following homework instructions.

Mentoring: Mentor a minimum of two students in Practitioner and/or Advanced Practitioner Classes.

Book club study: How to Read the Akashic Records Live, online for 4 weeks (one hour per week, to be scheduled at your discretion). Develop necessary skills, learn the online platform, and get comfortable in the role of spiritual leader and guide.

The LHCAS Community: Those who have successfully gone through Teacher Certification before you​ are supporting you for these requirements. Your success and satisfaction are important and we have proven resources for your assistance/guidance.

Once Certified:     

  • Receive Outlines for Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Certifications complete with guided practices and foundational information
  • Receive Standardized Course Descriptions and corresponding graphics
  • Teach Beginning and Advanced Practitioner Courses live in person and online. Your classes will be recognized for certification ONLY through the Learn It Live platform, which has standardized protocol
  • Training and ongoing support for the Learn It Live platform provided
  • Purchase Certificates for in-person classes through LHCAS
  • Take annual Continuing Education class through LHOCAS, First year included in price
  • Post your website listing on, First year included in price
  • After one year of teaching, you may be invited to progress into the advanced training

Investment Possibilities:

There is no limit to the number of classes you may teach or students you can certify! A Certified Teacher can reasonably expect to recoup their investment within the first year of teaching or sooner. Here’s how:

Based on Live Online Classes, a Certified Teacher can earn $185.00/student for Practitioner Certification and $215.00/student for Advanced Practitioner Certification. With 21 total students, you can recoup the cost of this program:

  • 14 students @ $185 = $2590  (Practitioner Certification)
  • 7 students @ $215 = $1505 (Advanced Practitioner Certification)
  • = $4095

Recording of the most recent Information Session:

Here are recordings of Linda’s previous Information Sessions:

Linda’s Information Sessions for

Prospective Teacher Training Students     

The next Information Session will be Wednesday, January 6, 2021 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Please register in advance for this meeting by clicking here.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Speaking and Teaching, International Presence, Readings, Classes, and Certified Teachers are presented by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.