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Akashic Records Teacher Training
Applications for the 2021 Teacher Training were accepted through June 30, 2021.
If interested being put on a waiting list for future Teacher Training, please email Cindy@LindaHowe.com


Thank you for your interest in the Akashic Records Teacher Training with world renowned expert, author and teacher, Dr. Linda Howe. This Teacher Training is an opportunity to tap into your own infinite goodness and wisdom – illumined by Akashic Light, and share this gift with others. Our own soul-level wisdom is available to us now and always – and this unique opportunity to do the Live Teacher Training with Dr. Linda Howe is happening this year.

You can do this self-directed program from anywhere in the world, and much of the course you can do at your own pace on your own time. There will be live sessions this year with Dr. Linda Howe. What you get out of this course will run parallel to what you put into it. Start earning money for readings after taking the very first class, Practitioner Certification. And when you are ready to start teaching, there are ample opportunities to offer your classes online with collaborative marketing to support your career.

Below you will find the details about the Teacher Training and also an opportunity to take part in a Live Information Session with Linda where she will walk you through all details and answer any questions you may have. Connect with cindy@lindahowe.com with any questions you have along the way.

Required Readings, all by Linda Howe:

  1. How to Read the Akashic Records
  2. Healing Through the Akashic Records
  3. Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records
  4. Inspired Manifesting: Elevate Your Energy and Ignite Your Dreams Through the Akashic Records


To download a printable document that summarizes the Teacher Training and Certification Program At-A-Glance, please click here.

Requirements for Admission:

Five classes are required (click here for details). You may apply for Teacher Training before or during your attendance in the classes. Many people choose to start with the Practitioner Certification, though this year may be the last year Linda offers the Teacher Training portion Live and Online so we encourage you to do the classes concurrently if you want to take advantage of this unique offering with Linda. She is skilled at weaving in every level of learner, so you may join at any time that this is offered. All Teacher Training classes are recorded for your convenience as well.

The five required classes must be taught by a recognized Certified Teacher in good standing at the time of your Certification, or Linda Howe’s recorded classes On Demand with mentor support.

  1. Practitioner Certification
  2. Advanced Practitioner Certification
  3. Healing Through the Akashic Records Certification
  4. Discover Your Soul’s Path Certification
  5. Manifesting Your Soul’s Purposes Certification
Also Required:

Teacher Training Application

Teacher Certification Registration Fee: $3997

(NOTE: This does not include the cost of the Core Classes. Total cost of the Core Classes can range from $1840 to $2424)

Paypal is the only method of payment accepted by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. Through Paypal, you may pay through credit card, e-check, or through Paypal’s “Paypal Credit” payment installment plan.

Program Components:

This Teacher Training and Certification Program has been developed to be completely online for your health, convenience and personal empowerment. Flexible learning options are designed so you may customize your experience, while still benefiting from ample opportunities of personal and group connection that are so needed at this time. All classes are recorded and you may access the material any time. We can’t do it alone. Together we may empower each other on our journeys of transformation. This is a rare opportunity to connect to the light from anywhere in the world and to share this gift with others.

  • Five Core Classes
  • Application and Fees
  • Completion of the Teacher Training and Certification Schedule

After the successful completion of the Five Core Classes, the Teacher Certification may be achieved in as little as six months. 

Teacher Training and Certification Schedule

Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Certification Outline Review:

Live Online with Dr. Linda Howe. Examine this material from the Teaching point of view. Class outlines and materials for step-by-step instruction on teaching the classes, presented with ample time for questions. 

  • Sessions are pre-recorded for your convenience.

Best Practices with Linda Howe and Select Elite Certified Teachers:

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what supports an effective and satisfying teaching practice from those who are successfully teaching this work. Ideally, you participate in person. However, you can also watch the video recording.

  • Monthly, through December 2021

Ongoing Monthly Open Q&A:

All about Teaching the Akashic Records with Linda Howe. This is the opportunity to receive guidance for your own teaching practice.

  • Monthly, through December 2021

Reading Partner Swap:

Work with a minimum of two students in Practitioner and/or Advanced Practitioner as a reading partner for online classes, following homework instructions.

  • On a Schedule That Works for You


Mentor a minimum of two students in Practitioner and/or Advanced Practitioner Classes.

  • On a Schedule That Works for You and The Students

Book club study: How to Read the Akashic Records Live:

Host a group of your size to develop necessary skills, learn the online platform, and get comfortable in the role of spiritual leader and guide.

  • One Hour Per Week for 4 Consecutive Weeks

Ongoing Support from the LHCAS Community: 

Those who have successfully gone through Teacher Certification before you​ are supporting you for these requirements. Your success and satisfaction are important and we have proven resources for your assistance/guidance.

Once Certified:     

  • Receive Outlines for Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Certifications complete with guided practices and foundational information
  • Receive Standardized Course Descriptions and corresponding graphics
  • Teach Beginning and Advanced Practitioner Courses live in person and online. Your classes will be recognized for certification ONLY through the Learn It Live platform, which has standardized protocol
  • Training and ongoing support for the Learn It Live platform provided
  • Purchase Certificates for in-person classes through LHCAS
  • Take annual Continuing Education class through LHOCAS, first year included in price
  • Post your website listing on LindaHowe.com, first year included in price
  • After one year of teaching, you may be invited to progress into the advanced training

Return on Investment:

Many students enroll in Dr. Howe’s Teacher Training and Certification Program in order to get the most advanced and most extensive training available for personal development and fulfillment. And those who complete the program will be certified to teach students how to work in the Akashic Records. There is no limit to the number of classes you may teach or students you can certify! A Certified Teacher can reasonably expect to recoup their investment within the first year of teaching or sooner.

Speaking and Teaching, International Presence, Readings, Classes, and Certified Teachers are presented by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.