It’s hard to believe it’s already December – the Season of Lights for everyone with cause for celebration, especially Lightworkers!

On one hand, we are deluged with darkness, pain, suffering and downright terrible behavior. On the other hand, there’s a light in each and every one of us that is indestructible. This is what we have to celebrate as the world continues to turn – babies being born, elders passing, storms blowing across continents, planetary waters heating up, political tempers flaring, economies swinging, religious institutions quaking, governments toppling… human beings persisting. Each and every instance is an occasion to seek and find the light!

Join me in my quest to seek the immutable Light of Life everywhere, to discover and savor it in every person, place and circumstance. Let’s stand together as radiant points of light within the greater Light of Life by shining kindness, respect, appreciation, patience, peace and all other amazing attributes of the Akasha on our planet desperately in need of the reminders. This is an opportunity for exponential growth.

Thank you for sharing the path with me this past year. Thank you for being honorable, trustworthy points of light, for being a radiating presence of peace in these chaotic times of radical change and uncertainty. Our mission is to stay anchored in light and love and continuously seek and find the same in each other. Together, we can reveal a blanket of light enveloping our beloved Earth and uplifting all its inhabitants.

Happy Holidays!
Love and Light to you and yours!

Written by admin