Be Supported By Commitment and Transformed Through Responsibility

by Linda Howe

Life can be full of the unexpected. Sometimes these surprises are less of a joyous leap toward the sky and more of a jolt down a dark hallway. Either way, I’ve discovered that commitment offers surprising support, especially when my own life is uncertain. Even better, commitment has empowered me to maintain a sense of usefulness by considering how I can be helpful to others.

Commitment keeps me moving along my Path nimbly even through stormy times such as the illness and death of my parents. It seems that the stronger my commitment, the more energy the Path provides. I had heard others talk about their experienced of being carried forward on their way but until I made this conscious connection with commitment and experienced it for myself, it didn’t make sense to me. This key discovery illustrates how we have the ability to stay the course – to be kind, generous, and thoughtful, actively pursued my purposes. Somehow, I knew there must be a way to enjoy a nourishing connection with the Path in both peaceful and also turbulent times.

And so I began to explore the relationship between spirituality and responsibility in my Akashic Records. There I discovered a state of ever-present awareness that empowered me to live in the world-just as it is-seeking and finding light, love, and goodness in everyone and everything, everywhere. By becoming increasingly spiritually aware, I have been inspired to participate, contribute, and enjoy living in the world. These even when our lives are difficult. For years, I have witnessed this capacity in others, while it escaped me. I simply had no idea how the Path itself could nurture or sustain me until I became totally focused and insights into the nature of spirituality have resulted in my new understanding of responsibility.

Throughout my life, I had admired others who were trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. I saw these qualities illuminated in those who took their responsibilities seriously. Surprisingly, I found I could best cultivate the traits I desired through service to others. Working in my Records, I was encouraged to consider responsibility toward others as the transforming agent in reshaping my personality into the optimal expression of my soul’s inner light. I took advantage of every opportunity life presented to be available, extend generosity, and assist others: I took my aging mother to the store, attended ball games with my son, and cooked meals for my friends and neighbors. Precisely by meeting my personal responsibilities, I was able to enjoy the deeper spiritual connection I sought. Making a distinction between true, soul-level responsibilities and false responsibilities was particularly helpful and led to imminent satisfaction.

Transformation comes only through acting on true, soul-level responsibilities. False responsibility is distracting and is best recognized by feeling drained. After my father died, my mother was extremely lonely. My siblings and I moved her into a place with a full range of services to meet her escalating needs. And yet, no matter how often I visited, it was never enough. She wanted more and more and more from me. Finally, I realized I couldn’t meet her needs and also attend to my own.

Now it is apparent that I had been straddling the line between true and false responsibilities – mostly flipping backwards into those that were false. In a moment of clarity, I saw that my true responsibility as her daughter was to provide my mom a safe place to live, one which would meet her basic needs and afford her opportunities to socialize and remain active. Her responsibility was to attend to her own needs and to afford herself of the opportunities provided at her new living facility. Claiming my true responsibility to my mother fed me and gave me peace of mind. When we delineated our true responsibilities and acted on those, we were both much more satisfied with our relationship.

Infinite magnificence lies within you, just longing to shine! Your brilliant spiritual essence wants to find its way out into Life. Consider responsibility the crucible through which you become the best possible you. Likewise, if you are feeling conflicted or drained, consider clarifying your commitments, focusing them on true responsibilities and holding them close to your heart. When you do, all that will be left is to open yourself to receive all the goodness embedded on your Path!

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