by Linda Howe

I began this grand adventure of discovering my soul’s path by making peace with this revelation: my entire life is the path! Every single element and aspect of my journey, obvious and subtle, comprise my path. Next, I dissolved decades of distress about the particulars of this incarnation. Using the Pathway Prayer ProcessĀ© to access my Akashic Records, I accept that my bodily person is ideal for my soul’s purposes. Wonderfully, I learned that every event and each person I meet along the path are optimal for my awakening. These are all exciting discoveries – and there was more to come.

Venturing out in the world, I noticed how I was triggered by those “in charge” of my environment: parents at home, teachers at school, priests at church. I was baffled when experiencing competent leaders and also incidences of incompetence. Overall, I felt that most were unworthy. Sure, I had wonderful moments with loving parents, dedicated teachers, and wise leaders. But there were many more terrifying experiences, shockingly.

I was caught in the snares of an old belief that didn’t match my reality! Having been taught that authority figures were perfect, I expected them to be godlike. Taking this conundrum into my Records helped me see that each of us is sincerely dedicated to our role and responsibility. We are all imperfect simply on account of being human. Knowing it was time to go deeper, I shifted my focus. Mining my Records through scores of prior incarnations, I discovered that I had suffered at the hands of ruthless authority figures – warring kings and slave owners who had treated me terribly, lifetime after lifetime. No wonder I was afraid and resentful!

Even more, I saw that my relationship to my inner authority was based on self-doubt. I was valiantly trying to do it all on my own. This extreme self-reliance was unrealistic. My human limitations were apparent. No wonder I was so hard on others. Knowing my exclusive reliance on my human self would inevitably come to failure, I was afraid to let others assume authority. Fortunately, this question shifted my perception: How can I reconcile being an infinite, immortal, unlimited spiritual being at the same time I am a mere mortal? As I came to rely more on the inner infinite light of life, I experienced greater safety and success. Only my fears could block access to this infinite spiritual power! I began to align my inner authority with universal authority, allowing the light of life to express through my human self.

This paradox resolved, a new-found power flowed in. I grew to appreciate authority – my own and others’. I came to understand that although we are all imperfect, Divine qualities are transmitted through us. I became deliberate about directing my attention to the infinite within, fueling my finite self. My entire relationship with authority transformed.

Today, I honor all authorities for their willingness and courage to take responsibility in the world. I no longer expect human authority figures – or myself! – to be perfect. When confused about authority, I ask the following questions:

  1. Am I relying on my finite self, or the infinite expressing through me?
  2. What are my expectations?
  3. Am I willing to extend respect despite disagreements?
  4. Am I open to accepting the good the authority is offering me?
  5. Can I allow myself to be led by a human guide representing the Divine?
  6. Do I believe that the ultimate, infinite, immortal, immutable authority lies within?
  7. How is this individual supporting my awakening?

This transformation has empowered me with more aliveness and energy than I knew was possible, and it’s wonderful! You deserve the same! Join in me exploring this pivotal point on the Path, and open up to receive all the aliveness meant for you!

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