Due to Linda’s international teaching schedule and publishing deadlines, there are currently no appointments available for personal consultations. Please send us an email if you wish to be added to our waiting list to be contacted if and when reading days and times become available in the future.


Bring Your Soul’s Purposes to Life!

Dr. Linda Howe invites you to consider investing in the care of your own soul by scheduling a one-on-one Akashic Records Reading. Be empowered into the fullness of your radiance as you gain Akashic guidance on your relationships, your health, your life’s work, your recurring patterns, and more.

Working with Linda in a Reading is an elegant, efficient, and enjoyable way to accelerate your journey. Be empowered to live your life dreams sooner rather than later!  She will help you get to the heart of your challenges in one session. You’ll be clear about the truth and how to move ahead, now.

Linda’s years of experience doing Readings since 1994, and teaching since 1996, have refined her skills so she can support you to achieve a conscious connection with your soul. As an award-winning author, teacher, and the leader in the field of Akashic Studies for personal transformation and empowerment, Linda was the first person to bring the Akashic Records to the entire world community. As she has done for thousands of others, she will be able to help you to immediately begin taking positive steps that will make your life more joyful and fulfilling.

Feel the healing, the focus, and the clarity of expanding your Conscious Awareness of:

  • your immortal, infinite, unlimited Soul
  • your Divine Potential
  • your Journey throughout lifetimes
  • your amazing ability to Love Yourself and Others

Experience the Dignity and Respect of a more conscious connection with your Soul through the Akashic Records—and relinquish spiritual immaturity and superstition.

Step up and enjoy the lifetime of your deepest desires by gaining Akashic guidance to embrace and express soul-level truths.

Gain illumination, inspiring you to recognize your Divine Potential, Soul’s Purposes, and inherent spiritual wisdom, guiding the way as you grow into your magnificence!

Discover and embrace the infinite compassion at the core of your being!

Shift from the idea of unconditional love to the experience of unconditional love!

Clear the path for your wonderful journey ahead. Make your appointment today for personal appointment with Dr. Linda Howe.

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Personal Consultations/Readings

The primary experience of being in the Akashic Record is one of being both known and loved. Being in the richness of the Record can help us in every area of life. From creative endeavors to relationships of every variety, being in this non-judgmental dimension fosters greater loving, compassion, and harmony with life. For some of us, there is a dramatic shift in the senses and sensations, but for most of us, it is much more subtle. A combination of clarity, emotional stillness, and illumination characterize this dimension. Most people prepare a list of questions for a Reading, covering the main areas of their lives: health, work, relationships, etc.

Our purpose together in an Akashic Records Consultation (also called a Reading) is to explore who you are and the issues you face in this life, from the perspective of your soul, a chance to be seen and known in the Light of truth and love. Glimpsing our present-day life from the altitude of the Akasha, activates the infinite love within, accelerating our ability to love ourselves unconditionally. We begin with the Pathway Prayer©, some parts of which are said out loud and some silently. The Pathway Prayer Process© provides a reliable and deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the Record responsibly, in a disciplined, conscious manner. All information discussed during a reading is confidential.

Refund Policy

Please note that all amounts paid to the Center are completely non-refundable. All amounts paid (including without limitation, fees for online classes, readings, recordings, and downloads) are completely nonrefundable, although some extenuating circumstances might be considered.