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My Dear Friends,

These are times of exceptional challenge. As illness spreads rapidly throughout the world, fear intensifies and confusion rises. Yet I know with certainty that there is a greater truth within each one of us, absolutely unaffected by the terrible turmoil: our incorruptible, undiminished soul. Nothing – no disease, no disaster, no conflict — can extinguish the Light of our essence. 

While I cannot physically be with you now, I can guide you through a shared meditation that strengthens our spiritual connection. We are, and have always been, One. There is no Other; there is only more One! Our awareness of this can dim when we are under great stress – but our shared recognition of this truth amplifies our experience of the truth. And together, we can face troubles of every variety.

This meditation is for you, your family and friends, and anyone you know who needs a reminder of who they – who all of us — truly are. And for everyone determined to find the Light in the least likely places. Thank you, and I so look forward to the time when we can be together in person! 

Until Then,

Much Love and Great Peace,

Dr. Linda


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