Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records


 by Linda Howe

I recall the thrilling time, some decades ago, when many of us awoke to the Heart-Mind connection. This awakening revolutionized our relationships with ourselves, each other, and every aspect of our lives. Honoring this alignment brings about great inner peace, harmony, and congruency of feeling (Heart) and thought (Mind). As the roots of this awareness take hold at the deepest level, we are strengthened to engage the third aspect, Will. I refer to this inner energetic structure comprised of Heart, Mind, and Will as “the Triangle.” It is one of the most precious gems I’ve discovered in the Akashic Records.

Like a three-legged tripod, the Triangle offers stability, aligning feelings (Heart), thoughts (Mind), and actions (Will). Our awareness and use of the Triangle to gauge our internal organization is most beneficial when we are striving to make effective, positive contributions in the world. Whether we are facing major turning points or making everyday choices, checking in with our Triangle elevates the process. Stabilizing us, the Triangle allows unlimited inner light to freely radiate through and beyond our self and out into the world. At the same time, this inner light magnetizes everything we could possibly need to manifest our destiny –  attracting opportunities, people and resources for demonstrating soul-level truth in the material world.

With practice, raising certain questions at each corner of the Triangle will offer a new level of awareness:

  • Mind: Does this make sense to me?
  • Heart: Does this promote positive feelings?
  • Will: Am I inspired to take action?

When all three aspects are engaged in a decision, the likelihood of success soars. While everyone benefits from a balanced Inner Triangle, each is responsible for cultivating our own unique balance of the three (Heart, Mind, and Will) in order to continuously radiate our light into the world!

Our inner soul makes direct contact with our environment through Will. Adding Will to the Heart-Mind alignment brings us even greater fulfillment and further effectiveness. Will helps us manifest our inner truths in the outer world, expanding our sphere of influence. What’s more, expressing our soul’s intentions propels us from ordinary into ExtraOrdinary living. With the Triangle balanced, we become lighthouses – beacons of light – for the objects of our desires. As a result, the resources we need to bring our soul’s purposes to life can more easily locate us. The magnetic quality of light attracts to us what is ours in a precise way, drawing only what resonates with our essence. It does not attract vibrations that are dissimilar or out of sync. What a remarkably efficient system! So many wonderful people and experiences are available to us but only if we are in harmony with them. Otherwise, they won’t bring us fulfillment. Balancing the Triangle, we connect with resources custom-fit to our vibration, and live ExtraOrdinary lives!

One of the benefits of this level of living is becoming high-level transmitters of light. In order to anchor and radiate light on earth, we must be grounded, functional, and reliable. Light is best radiated through positive, life affirming actions: an appreciative glance, hands-on help with household chores, and comfort in times of distress. As we pass on the light through action (Will), its magnetic quality is enhanced, empowering us to be the presence of love in the world. In a world riddled with turmoil, what better antidote is there?

Establishing and maintaining a balanced Triangle is an ongoing practice, of course. We must pay careful attention to each aspect – Heart, Mind, and Will. Know your attributes and your vulnerabilities. Take time frequently to reflect and inquire whether you have some combination of these tendencies:

  • Do I over-think? Over-emote? Act in haste?
  • Do I refuse to think things through? Push my feelings away? Refuse to take action?

Let’s together challenge ourselves to a new standard of equilibrium! As we generously share our radiance – shine our light! – with the world, it will respond by bringing our heart’s desires to us. As we increase our awareness of the Inner Triangle and expand decision-making to honor Heart, Mind, and Will, our lives will become ExtraOrdinary indeed!

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