Manifesting Your Soul’s Purposes Through the Akashic Records – Embrace Your Destiny – Oak Brook, Illinois

Sunday, October 30, through Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is a significant lifetime for so many of us — the lifetime for consciously recognizing our Destiny, fulfilling our many Soul’s Purposes, experiencing deep personal satisfaction, and contributing our best to the whole of humanity. Whew! This is a tall order indeed! Deep within each of us lies an awareness of magnificent possibilities, inspiring us to live remarkable lives. As awakening individuals, we can envision our Destiny, recognize our Soul’s Intentions, and bring our Soul’s Purposes to Life!

Learn to Access Your Akashic Records

  • The fundamentals of the Akashic realm and your growth
  • Liberation from obstructions to your inner knowing
  • Activate unconditional love, a spiritual practice

Awaken to Your Destiny & Embrace Your Soul’s Purposes

  • Learn what Destiny is, why it is so compelling, and how we can achieve it
  • Understand manifestation, especially Akashic manifestation
  • Identify Your soul’s purposes
  • Find out the nature and intention of your soul’s purposes
  • Recognize the relationship between your soul’s purposes and your destiny
  • Gain clarity about specific soul’s purposes for you in this lifetime

Recognize and Release Obstructions

  • Identify patterns interfering with your ability to embrace and express your soul’s purposes
  • Release through acceptance: fears, shame, and confusion blocking your happiness
  • Make conscious choices building the bridge of your destiny
  • Identify elements of conscious choices
  • Learn to make empowering decisions to propel your path
  • Recognize effective strategies to build a bridge in your life

Initiate Your Akashic Wisdom & Live Your Inspired Life

  • Be inspired to manifest your soul’s purposes
  • Embrace and appreciate your destiny

Join me, the leading expert in the Akashic Records, for this remarkable five-day retreat. Use the Akashic Field as an infinite spiritual resource for personal empowerment and success. Whether you are a seasoned Akashic Records Practitioner or are hearing this message for the first time, respond to the prompting of your soul and give yourself the gift of spiritual awareness. Come as you are! This work will meet you at your current level and propel you into the next dimension of possibility.

This transformational teaching will take place at the exceptional Oak Brook Hyatt Hotel, near Chicago: click here.

Dates are Sunday, October 31, starting at 2:00 CST, through Thursday, November 3, ending at 4:00 CST. Class sessions are 9:00-12:00 and 2:00-5:00 with special evening opportunities.

Cost for the 5-day training is $1750, which does not include hotel, food, or travel expenses.

I am offering the Earliest Early Bird Special of $997 when you register by November 30, 2015. Early Bird March 31, 2016, is $1350. And then, the regular price will be in effect: $1750. Please be advised that all fees paid to the Center are completely non-refundable.

This is a qualifying course for the Teacher Certification Program. For those desiring Certification, attendance at all sessions is mandatory. Extra Credit for Teacher Training Homework is included.

Clarify your purpose, destiny, and manifestation. Now is your time. If you’ve been waiting to take a stand in the truth of your being, come and learn to work in your own Akashic Records, clear away obstructions to your magnificence, identify your soul’s purposes, and build the bridge to your destiny. Embrace your Destiny!