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Healing Through the Akashic Records Practitioner Certification

Healing Through the Akashic Records Practitioner Certification

Healing Through the Akashic Records Practitioner Certification, taught LIVE Online by Dr. Linda Howe, is currently in session. Late registrations will be accepted until 5 pm CST Thursday, April 23.

Empower yourself by learning student-tested principles for healing and applying them to your everyday life. This Spring, master teacher Dr. Linda Howe will guide you through an online spiritual program of profound insights, practical guidance, and timeless wisdom. All designed to empower you to rise above and thrive as never before!

Join us for the most powerful class in the Linda Howe Online Center for Akashic Studies Core Curriculum! In this LIVE online course, Linda will identify and clarify central assumptions and perspectives revealed through her 25 years work in the Akashic Records, using her Pathway Prayer Process©. By making the Prayer freely available, Linda became the first person to make conscious, reliable access to the Records possible for the rest of us who are not saints, scholars, or mystics.

 When you earn this Certification, you will be a member of a community of Akashic Lightworkers who are igniting healing and transforming the world. You can offer your services as a Certified Akashic reader to others. And if you feel led to become a Certified Akashic Records Teacher, this is one of the required classes you will need to apply to the upcoming Teacher Training Program.

 Be Prepared To:

Learn the Akashic perspectives on spiritual healing and the ultimate spiritual practice of unconditional love.

Encounter, and discover, your personal wounds as portals for your transfiguration.

Follow the Path of Personal Power, unleashing unconditional love for yourself.

Travel the Path of Peace, stimulating understanding and appreciation of others.

Activate your inherent Ascension Matrix of Gratitude, Grace & Generosity, a platform for transcendence in the world.

 Where, When, How

Gather virtually with your teacher and cohorts on eight Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7-9 PM CST): April 21 & 23, April 28 & 30, May 5 & 7, and May 12 & 14, 2020.

Six class sessions will be taught live by Linda and two sessions will be taught live by Elite Certified Teacher Patty Collinsworth. You will have the fantastic benefit of lifetime access to the video recordings of these eight classes. Refresh and renew your learning at your own pace! And feel free to watch the recording later if you cannot be at a live session.

In addition to attending the live classes and/or viewing the video archives, you will need to complete four homework exercises by May 29. To supplement your learning, homework support sessions led by Elite Certified Teachers will be offered live on four Saturdays; these weekend sessions are optional, will not be recorded, and are not required viewing for Certification. You will enjoy guidance and support from your assigned Mentor, an Elite Certified Teacher. And, you have the option of joining a private Facebook group, exclusively for students in this 2020 Akashic Records Healing Practitioner Certification class.

We here at LHOCAS are invested in your success! Beginner or experienced in the soul-level Records, all are welcome. The Akashic Records, the Chronicles of You across lifetimes, will meet you where you are at!



Additional Information.

Read the 2016 version of the book Healing Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe, available from Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never heard of the Akashic Records. What are they?

The Records are a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence — as well as all its future possibilities. Akasha is a Sanskrit word (“primary substance”), but the Records have been known by a variety of names across cultures, such as The Book of Life, and The Book of Remembrance.

In the process of opening the Records for ourselves or others, we transition from a state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of Divine universal consciousness in which we recognize our Oneness with the Divine at all levels. This state of consciousness allows us to perceive the impressions and vibrations of the Records. In this way, the Records have served humanity throughout our unfolding by being an extraordinary state through which we can receive Divine illumination at a manageable rate and integrate it into our human experience. Because of this integration, we can quite literally say that accessing the Akasha allows us glimpses of Heaven on earth!

How would accessing the Akashic Records benefit me?
The Records offer so much opportunity! For example, you can learn hard-won lessons from your other lifetimes, and uplevel your skill in navigating the relationship between your inner truth and external reality. Profoundly empowering! Dr. Linda Howe’s revolutionary, elegantly straightforward Pathway Prayer Process© will get you into the Records. But this class is not ALL about the Akashic Records. It IS all about you, and how you can live your soul’s purposes and bring your best to the world.
What does it mean to be certified?

Certification from the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies tells your clients that you trained with the world’s leading expert on using the Records for personal empowerment and transformation, or with one of her Certified Teachers using her principles and protocols. Having completed one or more classes shows that you did some very in-depth work on yourself and that you have the knowledge and tools to help others as a Certified Practitioner. You will receive an e-certification suitable for framing upon successful completion of “Healing Through the Akashic Records.” You will be recognized as a “Healing Through the Akashic Records Practitioner” through the Linda Howe Online Center for Akashic Studies.

How do the payments work?

This class is conducted on the platform of Learn It Live and they handle payment. Learn It Live accepts only credit cards and PayPal. If you want to pay in installments, you can look into PayPal Credit, which operates in selected countries; see information at https://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-paypal-credit

Do I need experience in the records to take this class?
Beginner or advanced student – all are welcome! The Akashic Records meet you where you’re at!
What if I do not want to be a practitioner?
You will find Dr. Howe’s teachings very valuable as you continue your inner work. Not everyone who attends her classes intends to start a practice. You will have that option in the future if you change your mind.
What does it mean when it says it is an intensive class?
Due to the demands of Dr. Howe’s international teaching and publishing schedules, she will be conducting this course at a faster pace than usual (4 weeks instead of 8). Be ready to hit the ground running!
Is this class in-person or online?
It’s live online! Interact with Dr. Howe in real-time. And if you’re busy during a class session, you can view the video archives of Dr. Howe’s sessions when it fits your schedule. Either attending Dr. Howe’s sessions live, or watching the recorded videos, counts toward Certification. And, you will be granted lifetime access to these videos. Refresh and renew your learning at YOUR convenience!
Do I need to watch all 8 sessions to learn certification? What if I am busy during that time?

The 6 sessions taught by Dr. Howe and 2 sessions taught be Elite Certified Teacher, Patty Collinsworth are required for Certification. One of the advantages of this online class is that these sessions will be recorded and archived for future viewing, for the convenience of students who can’t attend in real-time. Whether you attend live or watch the videos, you can earn Certification. The 4 sessions taught by Dr. Howe’s Elite Certified Teachers, while highly recommended, are not required for Certification and will not be recorded.

What if I have not read the book yet? Can I still attend?

It’s best if you read “Healing Through the Akashic Records” before class starts. This gives you a firm foundation for the coming weeks. If you can’t read “Healing” before class starts, you are still welcome to join us, but please have the book on hand to read as the class proceeds. You can order through Amazon.

How involved will Dr. Howe be? Will she be available to answer questions during the course?
Dr. Howe loves questions! She is looking forward to connecting with you during the online class sessions and in the private Facebook group for the class.
I understand that I will be doing homework and partner exercises. Do I get to pick my own reading partner?
Your Student Advisor will pair you with a different classmate each week. You and your partners will coordinate schedules with each other and arrange to meet virtually (phone, Skype, etc.). This is all excellent preparation for running an Akashic Records practice.

 What students are saying:

Whether you are happy, as I am, or you face life challenges, please take a ride with Linda in one of her amazing journeys! You will have an extraordinary chance to discover who you are and how perfect and beautiful your Soul is. I didn’t expect to learn anything new about myself, but still I got plenty of new things.

When in a lifetime you have the chance to truly connect with your Soul, each step you take in your daily life will be full of clarity, confidence, enthusiasm, and awareness. Looking forward for our next journey! Much love Linda, and a big thank you!

Ionela Berciu

Outstanding! Love Linda’s presentation style, clarity, wit and unconditional love. Thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do!!! This has been a life-changing event for me. Much gratitude and love.

Catherine Rosek
Colorado Springs, CO

Linda’s workshops have such valuable information and the exercises unlock so much for me every time, both personally and as a practitioner.

Chiara Maya
Los Angeles, CA

Being able to listen to Linda’s recordings later gave me time to really soak up the learning. And the private Facebook group gave me a chance to connect and be present. Thanks Linda, happy to have “met” you finally and I love love love your laughter.

Raquel Stewart
Seattle, WA

How to Read the Akashic Records is published in English, as well as Traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. To inquire about the availability of this book in languages other than English, please write to foreignrights@soundstrue.com.

Healing Through the Akashic Records is published in English, as well as Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. To inquire about the availability of this book in languages other than English, please write to foreignrights@soundstrue.com.

Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records is published in English, as well as Traditional Chinese, Polish, and Italian.  To inquire about the availability of this book in languages other than English, please write to orders@hayhouse.com or call 1-800-654-5126.

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