I am grateful for you! Happy Gratitude Month! Let’s celebrate together all that we are grateful for!

One of my deep desires is to enjoy an ascending consciousness – rising above the turmoil and despair riddling much of human existence – to make a positive contribution, by participating to the best of my ability. I want to live as an agent for the Light, expressing solutions rather than creating problems. Those of us on the Path share this common intention as we seek to uniquely express light, love and goodwill. The Ascension Matrix – as revealed to me working in the Records using the Pathway Prayer Process – is an effective way to accelerate our ability to ascend. The first essential step is practicing gratitude.

Gratitude is cumulative: the more grateful we are, the more grateful we become. It’s an ever-expanding quality of consciousness, building on itself, providing momentum. The more grateful we are, the faster we move through our experiences. So much so, gratitude can propel us to break through limiting patterns and ideas beyond our current horizons. Gratitude is simple and powerful. And, as I have learned, requires a sincere practice, or it is not helpful. For example, I cannot declare gratitude for a job I actually hate. Instead, I can be grateful to recognize the truth: I make a good living, I am working toward a better job or I admire my coworkers. I cannot pretend to enjoy something I do not; but I can still search for reasons to be thankful. Once I consciously identify what I’m grateful for, the next step is to express it, easily done by sharing my gratitude with others.

I recently learned about a “Gratitude Box.” This is a great practice for expressing gratitude and enjoying an ascending consciousness. Here’s how it works: take a few minutes once (or more) a day to list people, things, events, ideas, whatever you are grateful for in that moment. Find or make or purchase a box. Any size, any color, any shape will do. Reflect on gratitude, quietly. Be as specific as you can when you write and place the slip of paper in the box. Repeat every day for a month, continuing to save and savor gratitude until the box is bursting – reflecting an outer expression of the internal shift that’s underway. At the end of the month (or sooner if you fill the box), examine the mountain of gratitude. After the end of the month, consider safely burning the slips, giving thanks as you watch the smoke ascending. You, too, will ascend on the momentum of gratitude!

Let’s all be thankful! And ascend and transform in the process! Giving thanks is transformational! Join me I’m in the Gratitude Box practice this November. Gratitude expressed is Gratitude amplified….and Gratitude enhanced blesses us all!

With thanks for you,


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