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Discover The Wisdom In The Akashic Records” with Cissi Williams

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Akashic Records, Announcements | 0 comments

You are invited to my talk today (Wednesday, March 8)! 

I’ll be discussing how to “Discover The Wisdom In The Akashic Records” with Cissi Williams, host of the Inspired Wellbeing Summit 2017! When you register for this online Summit (at no charge), you will be able to access my talk for FREE for 48 hours. Plus you’ll be able to download gifts from me! My way of saying Thank You for being part of this amazing gathering! Also, talks by Marianne Williamson, James Van Praagh, and 9 other experts will also be available, starting today.

Limited Time Offer for You — 35% Discount 

If you decide you’d like to have “forever access” to all the Summit interviews, plus transcripts; guided healing meditations by Cissi; a one-year subscription to the e-magazine of Inspired Wellbeing; 3 live coaching calls with Cissi; and 3 live calls with her special guests, where you get a chance to ask YOUR questions — ALL AT 35% OFF – see http://www.soulinspirationschool.com/p/www-inspiredwellbe…/… This special offer is valid until March 12!

My interview is Friday!

Want to increase your productivity by 500%? Studies have shown the Flow state can increase productivity by this much! Flow is that place where you are focused, and clear on your goals, with no procrastinating in sight! When I discovered it, my life changed. I want that for you too, so I’m excited to be one of the guest experts on The Global Flow Series, a FREE (upgrade is optional) 2-week training event, with more than 25 guest experts. My interview is Friday and you can get free access to it for 72 hours if you register here: http://theglobalflowseries.com/lhowe And you will receive free gifts, as a sign of my appreciation.
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