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The Pathway Prayer Process© is a simple method anyone can use to access the heart of the Akashic Records; it was created by Linda Howe in September 2001. Offering a clear, direct way to have a more conscious relationship with your soul, this intentional method for exploring spiritual essence is available to all seekers who respond to an inner prompting for greater spiritual awareness.


The Akashic Record is a vibrational archive of every soul and its human journey through time and space. Each set of Records is made up of two distinct parts: the energetic blueprint of the soul — outlining Divine Potential — and the catalogue of lifetimes experienced by a human being awakening to this blueprint and growing into Divine Potential, one lifetime at a time. I like to think of the Records as the “Cosmic Chronicles of You.” Essentially a spiritual resource, one need not be psychic to engage the Akasha or to benefit from the Akashic Atmosphere of infinite kindness, respect and appreciation.


The Records have been recognized as an informational reservoir of insight, guidance, wisdom and healing from the past, present and future. More recently, many find working in the Records amplifies their efforts in other systems and disciplines, including: therapeutic counseling, bodywork, hands-on energy work, artistic pursuits, and even business. Both the compassion and counsel of the soul are revealed through the Akashic Records, illuminating truths and solutions to present-day challenges.


The Records are governed by Three Absolutes: Fear Not, Resist Not, and Judge Not. This makes for a very safe, loving, and also encouraging environment.

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