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Workshops and Speaking Engagements:

Any of the classes offered in the inspired curriculum of the Center for Akashic Studies can be presented as the topic of a lecture, workshop, or seminar, and additional topics are created on a continuing basis. Here are some examples:

  • Introduction to the Akashic Records/book signings
  • Ordinary Life from an Extraordinary Perspective
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Astrology and the Akashic Records
  • Perspectives on 2012
  • Earth Changes
  • Balancing the Triangle: Heart, Mind, and Will
  • Love
  • God
  • Learning from Past Lives
  • and more

Menu of Services:

Keynote Address - “Know Your Own Soul”
Begin your conference or workshop with this dynamic speaker! In this 60-90 minute presentation, Linda, celebrated author and Akashic Records expert, will guide you to consciously, deliberately and responsibly connect with your innermost power, enabling you to transform your relationship with yourself, others and life itself. From this altitude, you can live a truly soul-led life.


How to Read Your Own Akashic Records
Discover what the Akashic Records are and how they can make a difference in your life. Learning to use the Light of the Akashic Records, you can more successfully navigate your paths of freedom and power and resolve issues that are interfering with living your dreams. This is a half-day workshop.

How to Read the Akashic Records of Yourself and Others
In this full day workshop, you will learn to access the Akashic Records not only for yourself but also for others. Using the responsible, reliable Pathway Prayer Process© method, you can work in this remarkable, infinite spiritual resource.

Beginning Class - Practitioner Certification
Learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself and others by diving deeply into a day and a half workshop with the expert. Experience the energy! Gain wisdom and insight. Become empowered by a more conscious relationship with your soul.
Special Topics, offered in various formats, including:

Ancestral Clearing
Explore your ancestral lineage, free yourself from detrimental ancestral patterns and align with your highest probabilities. Know that all past, present and future probabilities are held within the Akasha.

Ascension Matrix - Explore the Frontiers of Consciousness
Explore the Ascension Matrix: Gratitude, Generosity & Grace. Discover the possibilities for your own Ascension in this life time and learn to live your life as an Ascending being. Rise through the challenges of ordinary human life and enjoy the altitude of consciousness that is yours!

Energy Healing Through the Akashic Records and Past Lives
Find out how energy work occurs within the Akasha. Learn how to use this resource for greater healing. Explore past lives within the Records. Experience recognizing other incarnations, release unwanted influences and embrace beneficial wisdom from other times and places.

Private Consultations:

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