It is said that, ‘each of us contains our ancestors and all the generations to come. When we free ourselves, we are freeing all of humanity.’ This concept speaks deeply to me, which has been the primary appeal to working in the Akashic Records—to help reveal, heal and release karmic ancestral patterns. I began working with Linda Howe and the Akashic Records in 1996 and incorporated the readings in my acupuncture practice. I am now deepening the work by doing the independent study program and WOW! I am being moved into the heights, depths and breadth of what it is to be a human being reconnecting with The Source. It has been a very educational, loving and often-intense exploration, especially recognizing and transforming old, distorted thought patterns. I am grateful to Linda and her keen guidance and insights. These studies offer a rare opportunity to realign one’s Heartmind with the essence of All that Is and radiate the Light that we are.

~ Linda Joy Stone, MS, L.Ac., Tuscon, AZ


I am newcomer to the study of Akashic Records, and my first course with Linda has been life altering.  With her expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that is both new and familiar, discovering my soul’s purposes and learning my destiny in its true sense.  Linda is incomparable in her knowledge and her teachings have awakened me.  This is the lifetime for me to manifest my true purposes and I am filled with light and gratitude.  In many ways, I feel I have come home.

~ Wendy M.


I learned more about myself in one 30-minute session than I would in 10 years of therapy.

~ Kimberley


Linda, your teaching has been direct and thorough and heart-felt. I have had profound experiences with each of my swap partners as well and for all of this I am thankful. I look forward to each subsequent class! Thank you!

~ Carol B.


Accessing my records has become a part of my life. I know that what I am told is for the development of my highest good.

~ Mary K.


I found being read to be easy, and my partner did a nice job and followed the instructions. What he told me was accurate and I know to be true for me. By the time we were finished, the concern that I brought up seemed to have been solved and no longer an issue for me.
~ Stacy S.


Following the suggested guidelines, I was able to go into my past life to understand the blockages that were holding me back in this lifetime . . .

I now find myself going to the Records when I feel I need to ask questions I think I know the answers to, and find the answers are always different than what I thought. The truth is bigger than my own thoughts.

~ Steffanie L.


When I acted as the practitioner in the paired sharing, this energy flowed through that was so warm, loving, light, and I felt in such appreciation of my classmate’s innate beauty. To feel so loving and wholly accepting of a person you don’t even know, to get them on a very real level, and to be willing to share that with them is truly a great blessing and honor. I’m SO grateful that I took this training, THANK YOU!!!

~ Krista M.


During saying the Pathway Prayer, I feel myself sinking deeper and deeper, arriving in a boundless space, feeling a very soft and warm energy all around me. When my student partner tells her story, I listen from this space where there is only love. It was beautiful to be given information through so many different senses at the same time: knowing, sensing, seeing, feeling. I am looking forward to the next class about healing!!

~ Jeannette B.


I can see the great value in being able to open the Records of the animals I work with . . . The information can be of so much help for both the animals themselves and for their guardians.

~ Janice B.


I always get whatever I need from the records and my excitement about working in them continues to blow me away. I feel the connection with my classmates and feel I am part of an amazing community of light workers ushering in a new age where no one will have to be taught about God, but they will be connected to him in spirit. They will really know that they are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells with in them.

~ Frank T.


Before the reading, my mind is assessing and categorizing. After the reading, I feel like I have seen an incredibly beautiful picture of the true person I have been talking to — their soul resonance stays with me and I feel love and compassion for them with no stories attached.  It’s a love based on absolutely nothing and absolutely everything.

~ Kirsten M.


I often feel lighter and more encouraged after being in the Records.  I am so humbled and amazed by this work.  Thank you!

~ Julie H.


My current awareness level of grace is probably a 7. By being more aware of grace, my life is flowing more. I am stopping and noticing my behavior and patterns, letting go of the struggles, and offering more kindness. I love “Of course,” which gives me more compassion for myself and others.

~ Cathy D.


When effort and personal effort is not the answer, something greater, gentler, and more effective can and will come in. Grace is the motion and gift in that gap . . . where effort cannot go.
~ Dan N.


Thank you, Linda, so much for your guidance, wisdom, love, humor, and light throughout this class. I have really enjoyed this and look forward to the healing course.

~ Arlene S.


I am so in love with working in the records! Listening to my reading partner’s story resonated with me so much and it seems it brings up an element of healing for me whilst doing the reading. Thank you for sharing and teaching, especially online! I am very thankful you have brought the work online to reach the global family!

~ Chrystie R.