The knowledge and experience of Linda Howe is truly remarkable. I’ve been to many workshops and this one is by far the most profound.

Thank you Hay House Radio. I loved “Discover Your Souls Path Through the Akashic Records” with Linda Howe. Riveting! Linda is an enlightened speaker. I love how she presents the wisdom of the Akasha and life in ways unlike anyone else…..with excitement and exuberance and acceptance.

The strength, confidence, and clarity of my soul’s purpose, path, and expression I received [from a 5-day workshop] was perfect and more than I expected.

Linda is a great teacher. She is funny and down-to-earth which sets a great tone for learning. She listens to everyone and answers all questions clearly. She is wonderful!

I have so enjoyed taking this course. It is a continual learning experience. Accessing my records has become a part of my life. I know that what I am told is for the development of my highest good.

Linda was accessible, inspiring, grounded in reality, and real-world experience and inspired by the divine.

The [workshop] content was well presented in terms of sequencing, level, progression, etc.

Learning about the Top 10 Clues is priceless! It provided the motivation and confirmation I needed to complete a BIG project . . .

Linda is a treasure. She is worth more than her weight in gold for the value she delivers.

As this class concludes, I can say that I feel so well informed and ready to be a practitioner for others.

Thank you for sharing and teaching, especially online! I am very thankful you have brought the work online to reach the global family!

During saying the Pathway Prayer, I feel myself sinking deeper and deeper, arriving in a boundless space, feeling a very soft and warm energy all around me. When my student partner tells her story, I listen from this space where there is only love. It was beautiful to be given information through so many different senses at the same time: knowing, sensing, seeing, feeling. I am looking forward to the next class about healing!!

I learned more about myself in one 30 minute session [being read by a classmate] than I would in 10 years of therapy. I love how every reading is different, everyone’s records feel different, everyone’s energy feels different. Even though it’s basically the same procedure each time, the experience is completely different.

In the records….It’s as if the truth is never what you think it to be…I know I was in the records because it always surprises me. The truth is bigger than my own thoughts. Thank you Linda for sharing this wonderful gift. See you in the next course!! Advanced Level!!

I always get whatever I need from the records and my excitement about working in them continues to blow me away. I feel the connection with my classmates and feel I am part of an amazing community of light workers ushering in a new age where no one will have to be taught about God, but they will be connected to him in spirit.

The soul level truth is beyond beautiful.

With each week I saw growth in regard to my awareness of the connection to the Records. I did enjoy reading my pet this week and also look forward to doing more non-human readings. Love, Light, and Namaste.

By being more aware of grace, my life is flowing more. I am stopping and noticing my behavior and patterns, letting go of the struggles, and offering more kindness. I love “Of course,” which gives me more compassion for myself and others.

Thank you, Linda, for writing your books, for when I didn’t know where to turn . . . I read. You gave me my next direction and hope. God bless you!