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Guidelines for using the
audio book in your group

It’s a great idea to share the CDs, “How to Read the Akashic Records,” with your group, whether you belong to a book club gathering or a spiritual support group.  This is a perfect tool to empower each person in the group because the Akashic Records will meet each individual at their current level.  In addition to there being a “file” on each person, there is a “file” on every group.  Using the Records for the upliftment of your group is an appropriate use of the Records.

Here are some guidelines to help you make the best of the CDs. 

The audio series has complete explanation of how to use the teachings, with examples and full instructions.  Ideally, someone in your group will want to listen to the entire set before introducing it to the others.  You know the pace of your members.  Take your time, you can do the program one step at a time, one exercise at a time. 

If you are going to serve alcoholic refreshments, serve it AFTER the group meeting!  It doesn’t work to drink and delve into the Akashic Records.  This is an adult activity and you will want full command of your faculties.

It is helpful to have a journal to make note of your discoveries and insights.

It is absolutely appropriate to ask questions about your group and its spiritual significance.  Ask first in the Akashic Records of the individual members.  Record your impressions.  Then, using the current known name of your group, i.e. “Tuesday night women’s spirituality circle,” have everyone open the Akashic Records of the group.  Doing so, you can find out about the soul level intentions and purposes of your association, the potentials for the group, how to maximize your time together, how to grow together and any other questions you may have about your club, including past life connections.

Ask the following in the Records of the group. 

  • What are the best uses of the Records for us as a group? 
  • How can we use the Records to cultivate our connection? 
  • How can we use the Records to develop our contribution to one another and our world? 

Know that some individuals will “get it” quickly and others may take more time.  The Records come to those seekers who are willing to suspend self-doubt and embrace a service consciousness. 

It can be very supportive for all members to open the Records of one person and let that individual (who keeps his/her own Records closed) ask questions of the group.

It can be fun and fascinating for the group to open the Records of the city they are in and even to any sacred sites to which they feel connected, whether through this life or a previous incarnation.

Yes, the group can even open the Records of the day of the week to find out what that particular day has to offer the members of the group.  Something like, what is the significance of our group meeting on the third Thursday of every month?

Move Beyond Cliché--ask the Records how to go deeper, ask for clarification, ask for guidance, ask, ask, ask.  It’s been said, “ask and you shall receive.”  It’s true.

If you like, I am available to meet with your group via teleconference to answer your specific questions and facilitate your growth.  The conference can be taped and used as a reference for your members. 

The possibilities are infinite!  Enjoy your relationship with the Records.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to go deeper or do some more advanced work. 

Welcome to the Akashic Records, Welcome Home!


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